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Saline Community Council Matters

There was a reasonable attendance at April's meeting despite more freezing weather.

David Chisholm welcomed some new faces and said that there was no bad or sad news on the agenda. He remarked on the school's successful “Saline's Got Talent” event and those who had attended praised the children's contributions. The school's increased contribution to community life was also welcomed

The main focus of the meeting was traffic problems on Main Street.

Community Champion

It had been hoped that the “Dunfermline Press” would accept the nomination of the Playpark Group for their sterling work in raising funds to improve facilities for children but, unfortunately their work didn’t fit any of the categories.

Playpark Group

A start to the much needed drainage works was due to start on 23rd April but there was no sign of the contractor. Nevertheless the project is anticipated to be completed on schedule.

Steelend Park

Steelend Residents Association has agreed to take forward improvements to the children's play area and are investigating funding opportunities with help from Cllr Helen Law. The proposals are for the works shown in the community consultations. Good luck to the Association and please contribute to fund-raising activities Community Action Plan and Community Centre

There is nothing to report but the key factor is prospective funders' requirement of an updated Community Action Plan. There was concern from some at the meeting over the suggestion mentioned previously about redevelopment of the Community Centre site. For the avoidance of doubt, the Community Council recognises that a community centre is an essential part of an expanding community. However, whilst Fife Council continue to meet the costs of keeping the centre open for the time being there is no guarantee that they will do so in perpetuity.

Traffic and Road Safety

Another vehicle has gone off at the bends on the West Road, this time apparently with injuries that might focus minds. The good news is that Fife Council intends to resurface the bends in question

Saline Smilers

There is now a possibility of the group being accommodated in the school. As mentioned in previous Bulletins, this group offers a great opportunity for mums and toddlers, particularly new residents, to make new friends. Once again, if you are interested in attending or helping out, please contact Nicola Smith at nicshuff@tiscali.co.uk

Fireworks Night

Fife Council has been consulted and an application to stage an event at Saline Golf Club is being prepared. A group to arrange the event and raise funds is being formed. If you are interested in being part of the group or helping out, please contact Laura Chesby at laurachesby84@hotmail.com or via the Saline Facebook page.

Those lucky enough to attend Drew McCulloch's entertainment night in Saline Golf Club will testify to a great experience. Drew has offered to provide entertainment after the display and might be introducing some new music, including one on our community.

While people like Drew and volunteers are giving their services free, money requires to be raised for the display. Please contribute to events and raffles so that a successful event can be organised and that future events can be organised with confidence.

Community Resilience

Progress has been made regarding a group to co-ordinate a community response to events like events like the “Beast from the East” and more information will be available in future Bulletins. In the meantime, one of Fife Council's Resilience Team will be attending a community council meeting. The Emergency Resilience Newsletter will be available shortly on the Saline and Steelend, and West Fife Villages web sites. The newsletter describes some community action throughout Fife and gives some useful tips. Anyone without web access can contact Emma Palmer on 03451 555555 ext 442373.

Blair House Legacy Fund

Saline and Steelend's share of the Blair House Trust's remaining funds will be used to support activities in the community. As these funds are limited, it is vital that they are used wisely. Accordingly, priority will be given to applications that give best benefits to the whole community, can be used as match funding or those that cannot raise funds by other means. Details on how to apply are being prepared.

Blair House Site Restoration

David Chisholm, Donald Murdoch and two Kinneddar Park residents attended a meeting with our 3 councillors, Oakley and Comrie Community Council, Fife Council and the Scottish Mines Restoration Trust to agree how best to involve the communities in the after use of the site. A small committee will be formed to ensure that communities are fully involved.

Robin Caldow updated on progress following the recent consultations. Revised plans have been prepared and will be displayed shortly. The main changes are a reduction in the height of the bund south of Cowstrandburn and amendments to the large pond.

The bond secured by Fife Council is £3.1m, which sounds a lot, but restoration to the original plans has now been estimated at over £9m. Consequently, SMRT's focus is to get the site to a safe condition where it can be transferred to an owner who will work with the communities to develop a local resource. It is likely that this will be Forest Enterprise Scotland.

Kinneddar Park residents raised the position regarding a memorial to the men who died in the Kinneddar Colliery fire. This will be incorporated into the development of the site following the reinstatement works. There will be further discussion on the questions on car parking raised during the consultations.

Main Street Parking and Road Corridor

Numerous people have raised the issue of congestion and road safety issues around the Saline shop and suggestions had been made for improvements. Problems around the school are also well known while West Road complaints continue. It was felt that the possibility of carrying out an exercise to prepare a co-ordinated approach to the road corridor through Steelend and Saline should be investigated.

There was support for improved parking at the bus turning circle and David Chisholm has prepared sketches for a proposal to provide a green space for the school in the field to the west that would provide additional parking and an improved pedestrian access to the school. This would require the co-operation of the field's owners.

Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 29th May at 7.30 in Saline Community Centre. It can be seen that things are progressing on a number of issues but there are also challenges to be faced. Why not come along and have your say? Everyone is encouraged to participate in a friendly way.



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