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Present: Sue Hamilton, Callum MacInnes, Lesley Scott, Rob Thompson, Lorna Wilkie,

In attendance: Kathleen Brewster, Cllr Callaghan, Cllr Stewart, (from item 10), Craig Lindsay, Tom Leatherland, Doreen Kempsell, Anne Aldridge, Colin and Betty Craig,

Apologies: Alex Hill, Peter Curry, Tommy Cuthbert, Kat Tebbutt, Geoff Cartwright, Mandy Littlewood,

  1. Welcome. Lorna Wilkie, who lives at The Cairns in Charlestown, was welcomed as a new member of the Community Council.

  1. Minutes of the meeting of 25th August 2015.

The meeting accepted the minutes as a true record. Proposed: Lesley Scott, Seconded: Callum MacInnes. Rob had produced a spreadsheet of action points from the meeting which was very helpful

  1. Matters Arising from meeting of 25th August 2015.

  1. Junction with A985. Still no formal results from the camera survey. Amey and Transport Scotland have promised to present the results to the Community Council. Secretary had requested that full technical detail is included. (No move on the painted kerbs or the return of the missing bollard.)

  2. Mobile Post Office service. No news.

  3. Outdoor Fitness. No news.

  4. Unsuitable for HGVs’ signs. Secretary had passed this request directly to Marco Bardelli of Transport Scotland.

  5. Broadband. Kathleen is following up a wayleave request which she has for the Wellheads..

  6. Airport flight path plans. The trial has caused a lot of grief in the Broxburn / Uphall areas of West Lothian. Craig had read in the press that the trial was to be stopped early to evaluate the evident impact on communities.

  7. Rosyth Churchyard. Bereavement Services had done an excellent job in removing the collapsed fence and erecting a post and rail fence which has a gap for a gate, but no gate yet. The trees whose roots were threatening the foundations of the church building have been cut down and their stumps treated. Doreen had apologised to a couple who had planted a small tree, which had been cut down in the process.

  8. 50mph Signs. A resident had contacted Traffic Management to express her concern that the prominent 50mph signs might encourage drivers to speed up towards the brow of the hill when, in fact they were approaching a 20mph area and the school with its accompanying hazards. She was told that the Community Council had approved the plan. Secretary wrote to remind Traffic Management that the CC had not objected, but that the plans had given no indication that prominent post signs would be erected. (Brankholm Brae has its 40 signs painted on the road.) Traffic Management have agreed to remove the prominent sign and relocate it onto the ‘Limekilns’ sign.

  9. Fife Council is content for us to put notices on the bins, asking that nappies be bagged and sealed. Rob will progress this action.

  10. Telephone Kiosk adoption. No progress.

  11. Boundary Commission. Date for submissions on the final proposal is 22nd October. Meeting agreed that we are content to be included in the Rosyth ward. This would not preclude us from joining in any activity with West Fife Villages Community Councils.

  1. Police Report.

  1. The Community Engagement meeting this evening it was reported that, In the past two months, there had been 113 calls to the police in the area which includes Cairneyhill and Crombie. Crimes recorded were one theft in Charlestown, one theft in Pattiesmuir and one ‘theft by finding’ in Limekilns.

  2. The issue which is still causing greatest concern in the villages is the Range Rover which is often parked opposite the entrance to Brucehaven Road, causing a real hazard to all users of the junctions at this location.

  3. Police are doing work in the local schools on open water safety and internet safety.

  1. Broomhall Estate.

  1. Pattiesmuir unmade road. Jim McDonald still to fill potholes that have developed.

  2. College roof. Tendering process is still ongoing.

  3. IFLI (Inner Forth Landscape Initiative) Kilns project. Scrub clearance has commenced. Still await a timetable of works from Historic Scotland.

  4. Drone survey of shoreline has been carried out. Operators were alerting any members of the public that filming was happening.

  5. There had been an incident of vandalism to pheasant pens on the Estate.

  6. Very bad potholes appearing in South Row. North row pothole still needs proper attention.

  7. Woodland at West Road, Charlestown. This woodland is not particularly ‘well-groomed’, but local residents appreciate the amenity it provides for local walking and the fact that it is full of wildlife. Residents who take regular walks there are best placed to spot when careless and opportunistic people from elsewhere use it for their own recreational purposes and leave unsightly litter and dangerous broken glass behind. It is local residents who clear up this mess, as they also do in other woodland such as at Windylaw. Residents suggest that some informal pathways could be cleared and signs erected to indicate to uncouth youth that it was a place which was cared for, rather than waste ground about which no-one was bothered. Perhaps such paths might be cleared when the planned felling is carried out. Local residents are the Estate’s best allies in this situation.

  1. War memorial.

  1. Sword is at finally assembly stage and almost ready to be installed. Probably best to leave installation until nearer the rededication which will be in association with the Remembrance service on the 8th of November. (Rob, Norman Grant and Craig Lindsay will co-ordinate in association with Lord Elgin and/or Charles Bruce.) Rob will sign the completion certificate which will allow the grant to be released. Meeting agreed that Community Council could release funds for short term bridging finance if required.

  2. The research carried out by Diana Douglas and others has revealed information about 32 of the 33 men named on the memorial. Craig is collating the information digitally.

  3. The meeting agreed that a display board at ‘ground level’ should be commissioned to provide a resume of the information. Secretary suggested that funding for such a project is likely to be fairly easy to access and emphasized that good design is essential.

  4. Lorna said that she was, as part of her job, in the process of commissioning similar boards, and would have information about cost of design, production and installation.

  5. Craig offered to give a talk (perhaps in the Queen’s Hall) about the development of the idea of a replacement sword and the manufacturing process, as well as some of the information about the men whose names are on the memorial. It was agreed that this would be a useful means of sharing the information more widely, and possibly also a means of raising funds towards the display board.

  1. Planning

  1. South East Scotland Strategic Plan. Secretary had attended the event for CCs. It does make some sort of sense for local authorities to work together with their neighbours. She had hoped to share her response with the CC, but difficult to do when it had to be completed on line. She had attended a further event called ‘SESPlan and Communities’.

  2. The Scottish Government has announced a ‘Planning Review’ to be carried out this autumn. This could be the opportunity to incorporate an ‘Equal Right of Appeal’ – something for which Planning Democracy is campaigning.

  3. ‘Your Place, Your Views’. Fife Council is consulting individuals and communities on the planning process. The consultation ends on 23rd October. Secretary has circulated the details to the email contact list. Individuals are encouraged to respond. She apologised for not having brought a copy to the meeting.

  4. CC members have been invited, by Peter Stirling, to visit Stirling Developments’ Calderwood housing development near Livingston. (Stirling Developments are set to be the developers of the ‘Broomhall’ development site south of Dunfermline.) Date of visit still to be arranged.

  1. West Fife Villages Community Council Forum.

Rob had attended the AGM in Tommy’s place. It is proposed that future meetings will be held at quarterly intervals, each focussing on an issue that is common to all the Community Councils.

  1. Community Engagement Group.

  1. Group had met on 14th September.

  2. Discussed how to communicate with those who are not digitally engaged. Will write a piece for next Village Link. Rob volunteered to summarise main points discussed at meetings in bullet points for the noticeboards

  3. Suggestion that the CC organises focussed public meetings on particular topics.

  1. Fairer Scotland Events and Card game.

  1. The Scottish government has launched a ‘conversation’ and series of events about how to create a ‘Fairer Scotland’. Secretary had attended an event for Community Councils in Glasgow.

  2. A card game has been published to encourage everyone to join in the conversation. Secretary showed a copy to the meeting. She thought it was a useful idea. Others were not so sure. Rob took the pack away to have a look at it further.

  1. Floral displays Achievements.

  1. Limekilns and Charlestown had been awarded Silver Medals in both Beautiful Fife and Beautiful Scotland. Thanks and congratulations to all involved for their hard work in creating and maintaining the displays.

  2. A fund-raising quiz sheet is doing the rounds at the moment.

  1. Treasurer’s Report.

  1. The only cheque paid was £28 to Jimmy Hutchinson for the Remembrance Day Wreath.

  2. Bank is still not sending out statements on a regular basis.

  1. Secretary’s Report

  1. Since the last meeting, the Community Council has nominated Beryl Leatherland for the position of community representative on Fife Access Forum.

  2. ‘Hands Over the Forth’ protest against Underground Coal Gasification. Forth Road Bridge. 2pm 11th October. Estimate it needs 1850 people to reach across.

  1. Councillor Callaghan. .

Referring to the Planning Review, (6b above), Councillor Callaghan, expressed her continuing frustration in her role as a member of the West Area Planning Committee. However strong the feelings of a community she represents, or however strong her own feelings against approval of a controversial or inappropriate plan, she is ‘strongly advised’ not to vote against, or persuade others to vote against, a planning officer’s recommendation to approve. The consequences of such a vote would likely be an appeal by the applicant to the Secretary of State and resulting costs to Fife Council.

  1. Councillor Stewart

  1. With the closure of Crombie School, provision for both primary school children and nursery children is offered at Limekilns. Simultaneously, Fife has withdrawn transport for nursery children. The limited bus service provided by Stagecoach means that mums who live in Crombie and who don’t have a car have difficulty in getting their children safely to and from Limekilns.

  2. There are plans for a substantial number of ‘affordable’ homes to be built in Crombie, some on the site of the now closed school. Cllr Stewart questioned the value and wisdom of providing ‘affordable’ homes in a community with no school, doctor, or shop. The homes may be ‘affordable’ but accessing essential services is not.

  3. Aileen Aitken works for Fife Council with a remit for ‘inclusion’ in West Fife Villages, with particular reference to transport. She has procured a ‘people carrier’ type of vehicle and hopes to recruit volunteer drivers. This might help resolve the sorts of transport issues faced by the Crombie mums.

  4. The ‘Ash Lagoon Liaison committee’ has been reconvened to help address the consequences for West Fife of the planned closure of Longannet power station. Secretary said that this Community Council had not received notice of the first meeting which has already been held.

  1. AOCB


Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 27th October 2015.



Present: Sue Hamilton, Callum MacInnes, Alex Hill, Lesley Scott, Kat Tebbutt, Rob Thompson, Peter Curry, Tommy Cuthbert

In attendance: Kathleen Kilpatrick (now Kathleen Brewster - Congratulations!), Karen Grant, Fiona Thompson, Brian Clark, Kirsty Drummond

Apologies: Geoff Cartwright, Mandy Littlewood, Cllr Callaghan, Cllr Stewart

  1. Minutes of the meeting of 30th June 2015.

The meeting accepted the minutes as a true record. Proposed: Rob Thompson, Seconded: Alex Hill.

  1. Matters Arising from meeting of 30th June 2015.

  1. Junction with A985. The camera survey was carried out in late June. Secretary had enquired last week about the results. Gordon Boyd said ‘the survey showed very few vehicle conflicts over the period of the survey’. There is an offer to present the results to the Community Council. This has been accepted. (No move on the painted kerbs or the return of the missing bollard.) Peter said ‘Traffic Master’ statistics show increased congestion incidents all the way along the A985.

  2. Mobile Post Office service. No news.

  3. Outdoor Fitness. No news.

  4. Unsuitable for HGVs’ signs. Scott Blyth has yet to establish the necessary contact with Amey.

  5. Unconventional Gas meeting. Invoice for £12 received for hall hire. £20.30 collected on the door will also be donated to Queen’s Hall.

  6. Cairns Parking. Job completed in July. Invoice for £2227 paid. Red shale chips may not provide the best finish, but the extra hard-standing is generally working well. Situation with respect to bin lorry access will be monitored

  7. War memorial. Application for Listed Building Amendment has been approved. The purchase of the OS extract Plan at a cost of £27.25 was reimbursed from CC funds. We hope to delay payment of the bill for the casting of the mold until funding has been received. Rededication event now likely to be in association with the Remembrance service on the 8th of November. Rob, Norman Grant and Craig Lindsay will co-ordinate in association with Lord Elgin and/or Charles Bruce.

  8. Broadband. Brian Clark, who works in telecommunications, has been using his knowledge and contacts to find why we have incomplete fast broadband coverage in Limekilns. He has contact with Digital Scotland Stakeholder Manager, who says it is Openreach who are responsible for making the connections. Openreach imply that it is a wayleave problem. Difficult to fathom why this should be. Kathleen will check whether the Estate has received a wayleave request.

  9. Engaging with Planning event. Secretary had attended this at Fife House yesterday. About 20 Community Councils were represented. General dissatisfaction was expressed with the relationship between Fife Planning department and Community Councils. Helpful advice was provided about features of the online planning portal. It is possible to receive notifications for any applications in a Community Council area. Contact Secretary for details of the procedure for creating and saving a search.

  10. Airport flight path plans. New flight path is used on a very irregular basis. There was little awareness of the change among members present, other than the Secretary who, on Sunday 22nd, heard eight flights using it between 7 and 7.30am, while on Monday 23rd, there were none between these times. Weather conditions were identical.

  11. Rosyth Churchyard. Secretary had met on site with Liz Murphy of Bereavement Services. She agreed that the collapsed fence should be replaced with a post and wire fence with a gate, which would provide access to allow the area inside to be maintained.

  12. Sutlery. Janice and Jimmy still await a buyer. They are not considering a ‘Plan B’ just now!

  13. Giant Hogweed. Network Rail had not acknowledged their responsibility for controlling the spread of Giant Hogweed. Somebody seems to have sprayed the growth at Merryhill Bridge. There is a website where anyone can log the occurrence of non-native invasive species. Here is the link: www.inns.rafts.org.uk

  1. Police Report. No report. Floral Display containers have been stolen. Next Community Engagement meeting is planned for 29th September.

  1. Broomhall Estate.

  1. Pattiesmuir unmade road. 10mph speed limit notice has been erected. Survey of property titles is being carried out, to see what burdens exist. Large potholes have developed. Kathleen will ask Jim McDonald to fill them. Draft plans for houses will be presented to Pattiesmuir residents at a meeting in October. Andrew McCafferty is managing the process.

  2. College roof is unsafe for access to replace missing tiles. Tenders are being invited for replacing the roof.

  3. Proposed development behind Old Schoolhouse, Charlestown. No further comment from the Community Council.

  4. Pop Concert. Immediate neighbours and Kathleen did not agree about whether their interests had been taken into account. As far as the rest of the village was concerned, there had been no disturbance (other than a low pitched beat booming out for 12 hours).

  5. IFLI (Inner Forth Landscape Initiative) Kilns project. Agreement has been signed. Work should begin next week.

  6. Drones. Estate has been approached by a company called Skylark who have been commissioned by Babcock to carry out a drone survey of the shoreline of the villages. Members queried what rules exist about photography from drones.

  1. Planning

South East Scotland Strategic Plan consultation is ongoing. Event for CCs on Weds 2nd September at Fife House plus public drop in events.

  1. Public Library Consultation

Consultation on the future of library services in Fife have been well publicised. Concern has been expressed about the future of the mobile library service. Secretary had enquired about the use of it locally. She had been assured that there is no threat to the mobile service and that the review is to ensure that best use of the mobile service is made to replace any static facilities that may be withdrawn as a result of the consultation.

  1. Telephone kiosk adoption process

  1. The ‘consultation’ period with Fife Council is now ended. On 17th August, Secretary received a contract for the Community Council to sign. It will be circulated for members’ perusal.

  2. Lots of questions about where we’re at and different ideas, whether a Community Council can own an asset, what our liabilities might be etc etc. Motivation for moving to adopt was to achieve a sensible location to plug in the mobile post office. The idea of local history information points still has its advocates. There is also the option of keeping the telephone connection – which could be an asset in view of the poor mobile reception in the villages.

  3. Kirsty Drummond spoke powerfully in favour of community defibrillators. She had recent statistics about cardiac deaths among the working age population. She even happened to have a demonstration defibrillator with her and showed the meeting how it provided all the necessary instructions and encouragement for anyone using it. She said that one real benefit that communities had found was the increased awareness of CPD through Defibrillator Awareness sessions, and the need for everyone to be trained. Peter provided the rationale he had previously provided, based on his professional involvement with NHS Fife, our proximity to ambulance service, and the low footfall in small villages like ours, compared to supermarkets and railway stations where defibrillators are commonly installed – though surprisingly rarely used. Kirsty said her enthusiasm for community defibrillators is that she herself is a survivor. She had found that the community of Ladybank had little difficulty in raising the necessary funds. (£1,000 for defibrillator, £500 for cabinet, £100 electrical work, £100 per use). Kirsty operates under the banner of ‘Howe Shocking’. She can be contacted at ladybankpad@gmail.com or 0770 853 0682. Meeting acknowledged the desirability of more folk being trained in CPD.

  1. IFLI/Marine conservation Society Beach Clean

This will be held in conjunction with a litter survey at Limekilns Pier at 10am on Monday 21st September. All local support welcome

  1. Community Engagement Group.

Mandy has provided further analysis of the results (99 survey responses completed – mostly on-line). The issue of most concern was the junction with the A985. Fracking also got a high score. There was something akin to a normal distribution in views in that some thought we were great and some thought we were rubbish, and most were somewhere between.

Mandy suggested that the more negative responses indicated that we should

* Think about how to communicate better - especially to include people not online.

* Think about governance issues and the role/image of the CC - how to involve more people to refresh the group and be more widely accountable/representative/welcoming

* Some comments suggest that some people expect more of the CC than is possible / achievable / within our remit

* Some suggest unfairness / arbitrariness in the way the CC operates. Do we need to think about developing some guidelines of protocols on what we do/don’t do and why/why not?

In Mandy’s absence, these points were not discussed in detail at the meeting. They will be remitted to the Community Engagement Group.

  1. Treasurer’s Report.

  1. After many hours of frustrating contacts with the Bank of Scotland Customer Services, a new signature mandate was eventually achieved after the submission of a detailed written complaint. In recognition of its failure to provide the simple service required, the Bank has made a donation of £250 to the Community Council and a separate donation of £150 to the Secretary to compensate for her time, her telephone bills, and her travel to and from the bank. Meeting agreed that a cheque for this £150 be made out to the Secretary.

  2. Grant from Fife Council of £632.28 has been received.

  3. Cheques paid were £25 subscription to Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland, £2,227.20 for the Cairns parking project (being the amount received from Fife Council locality Budget earlier in the year), £150 to Secretary (as above), £27.55 for OS map extract for War memorial, and £12 for Queen’s Hall hire.

  1. Secretary’s Report

  1. Boundary Commission have published their final proposals for new ward boundaries. We are still destined to move in with Rosyth, but so now is Crombie – which was a suggestion we had made.

  2. Geoff Cartwright has three ‘asks’ for Pattiesmuir: stop HGVs, stop speeding, stop dog fouling. The HGV issue is ‘being dealt with’. Secretary had spoken to Scott Blyth about speeding. He thinks a traffic order for possible speed humps and 20mph signs would be possible if this was what residents want. Extent and location of dog fouling unspecified.

  3. Someone in the CC survey had asked for 20mph signs round Charlestown Green. Scott happy with the idea of 20mph signs on the lamp posts as long as the Estate does not have a problem. Kathleen said the Estate would not have a problem.

  4. A number of folk have been bemused by the new 50mph signs on the way into Limekilns. No-one was aware of a speeding problem here! Scott will check whether the number of signs is excessive.

  5. Information had been sent about this year’s recruitment campaign for Children’s Panel members. Men are particularly welcome. Information was not provided in an e-mailable form.

  6. Following concern about brown foam on the beach, Secretary had found a named SEPA person who has responsibility for this area in the Glenrothes office. The foam had, by someone, been blamed on Longannet, but Longannet was completely shut down over the relevant period. The likelihood is that it is caused by an algal bloom which makes bubbles in waves whipped up by the windy conditions into a gelatinous foam.

  7. Cara Hilton MSP had sent information about Action Earth ‘Grab a Grant’ scheme. Secretary had wondered whether it might be used to buy plug plants to establish a real wild flower meadow on the bank along Haven’s Edge.

  8. Secretary had, today, been sent information about Fife’s Diversity Week events.

  9. Survey forms were available for the community survey which Limekilns Church is carrying out as part of the ‘Future Focus’ process.

  10. Limekilns Playpark is plagued by gulls and crows who empty the bins. A resident makes a point of clearing up, but draws the line at soiled nappies which sometimes form part of the mix. She had asked if it was possible to put a ‘Please take nappies home’ sign on the bins. Meeting didn’t think so. Rob Thompson said he would contact Public Health to seek their advice on how one should dispose of soiled nappies.

  1. Councillor. None present. No report.

  1. AOCB

  1. Excellent Gala Week and Gala Day. Great participation. Well done and thanks to all involved throughout the year.

  2. Floral Displays. Villages are looking superb. Thanks to everyone responsible.

  3. Flower Show next Saturday.

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 29th September 2015. Venue to be confirmed.






Present: Sue Hamilton, Callum MacInnes, Alex Hill, Kat Tebbutt, Rob Thompson, Geoff Cartwright,

In attendance: Fiona Thompson, Tom Leatherland, Colin and Betty Craig, Mike Brockie, Moira Adams, Doreen Kempsell, Yasmine Bazazi, Ricardo Chicarella, Jocky Wilson.

  1. Apologies: Peter Curry, Tommy Cuthbert, Mandy Littlewood, Trevor Jones, Police, Broomhall Estate, Cllr Callaghan (after the meeting)

Chairman Alex Hill was a little late in arriving, so Callum MacInnes chaired the meeting

  1. Minutes of the meeting of 26th May 2015.

The meeting accepted the minutes as a true record. Proposed: Kat Tebbutt, Seconded: Callum MacInnes.

  1. Matters Arising from meeting of 26th May 2015.

  1. Junction with A985. A full week’s camera survey should have been carried out last week. No-one at the meeting had noticed cameras. Preliminary results from the Community Council survey indicate that almost all respondents consider this to be a ‘very important’, or ‘quite important’ issue. It must remain a priority concern for the Community Council. The fatal accident at the Limekilns road end had drawn some attention from the Press to our ongoing campaign for improvements to our junction. No move on the painted kerbs or the return of the missing bollard.

  2. Mobile Post Office service. No news.

  3. Outdoor Fitness. No news.

  4. Unsuitable for HGVs’ signs. Amey have been asked to put signs at Charlestown road end and at Pattiesmuir. No suitable locations within Charlestown for westbound traffic.

  5. Unconventional Gas meeting. The notice Rob sent to Village Link about the meeting did not arrive at the editor’s desk. He had arranged a house to house leaflet drop instead. Secretary commented that it was important always to include CC contact details if it is a CC event or leaflet. There was a pleasing attendance at the meeting of some 40 individuals. The two speakers were Donald Campbell from the Broad Alliance, and Prof Andrew Waterston from Stirling University. Jess Pepper had another commitment, but said she could attend at another time to speak on Climate Change if we wished her to do so. Some Powerpoint slides showed aspects of Underground Coal Gasification. Outwith the CC meeting, Rob handed the treasurer a box containing an unspecified amount of money which was taken in donations at the door. He anticipated that an invoice would be sent by the Queen’s Hall Treasurer to the CC Treasurer. Secretary will ensure that the Queen’s Hall Treasurer has our new Treasurer details. He had not incurred any other costs. It is understood that INEOS have agreed to attend a meeting at Kincardine for local residents only.

  6. Inner Forth landscape Initiative Kilns Project. No news

  7. Cairns Parking. No progress. John Wilson Junior was in attendance for a later item. Secretary hoped that he and she could arrange a meeting and a start date soon.

  8. War memorial. Application had been submitted to Fife Council for Listed Building Amendment, for which there was no charge, but there was a requirement to submit an OS extract Plan which had been purchased at a cost of £27.25. An interim bill of £500 has been presented by the sculptor for the making of the mold. He is aware that it cannot be paid until the War Memorial Trust money comes in. The work should be completed in late August. We need to fix a date for a rededication event and decide who shall be invited.

  9. Local bus service. Secretary has put a notice on the notice boards. A temporary bus stop has been installed near the Sutlery. Drivers have got the message that they stop there on request. There is greater variability in the willingness of drivers to set passengers down nearer the Sutlery than the Elgin on the westbound journey..

  10. Broadband. No news

  11. Kiosk Adoption. No news.

  12. Airport flight path plans. Pilot started on the 25th of this month.

  13. Rosyth Churchyard. Secretary still to arrange a meeting with Liz Murphy.

  14. Sutlery. There is still no interested buyer. Secretary to ask Janice whether they have a ‘Plan B’.

  15. Bistro License Variation. Following their site visit, the Licensing Board had granted the license without restriction. Yasmine Bazazi explained the situation from her perspective. She has no interest in running a pub, or staying up late every night. Residents at the hotel occasionally wish to take a drink outside on a summer evening. There have been two wedding events in 25 years, the most recent having been two years ago (when there had been no complaints lodged with the police or the licensing board). She recognizes the need that all parking should take into account the interests of neighbours

  1. Police Report.

  1. PC Orrock had sent a list of 12 calls received – ranging from a lost cat to the fatality on the A985. One crime of vandalism had been recorded in Charlestown

  1. Broomhall Estate. Pattiesmuir

  1. There had been a meeting about the road (attended by Geoff, Bob Ferguson, Charlie Reid Thomas, Kathleen Kilpatrick, Charles Bruce, and Sue Hamilton.) Nothing further has been done beyond the interim repairs. Geoff asked for a 10mph speed limit notice to be erected but this has not been done, despite the Estate saying it would not be a problem. Speeding cars break up the road. The Estate still conflates the issue of the unmade road with the plan to build houses. Residents think the road issue should be resolved without reference to any building proposals. A meeting to which all residents are invited has yet to be held, so there has been no opportunity for sharing any vision.

  2. Proposed development behind Old Schoolhouse, Charlestown. At the meeting mentioned in the preceding item, Charles Bruce had presented proposed plans for building four houses on this land (which is scheduled for residential development in the Local Development Plan). A planning application has yet to be submitted, so the Secretary had asked Kathleen for a copy of the plans which she presented to the meeting. The architects, Yeoman McAllister, apparently took inspiration from ‘the vernacular architecture of West Fife, and will adopt traditional elements such as harling and slated roofs. The new homes will be inspired by the pattern-book used by the Estate in the early nineteenth century when it laid out a suburb for hand-loom weavers at Elgin Street in Dunfermline.’ Members acknowledged early sight of the application, but did not comment in any detail on it.

  3. Hogweed. The massive growth of hogweed on the railway line at Merryhill is of great concern. Secretary had tried to get a coherent picture of responsibilities through conversations with the Estate, Fife Council (Public Protection) and Network Rail (whose responsibility it probably is, but who have yet to take any action).

  4. Pop Concert. Kathleen Kilpatrick had informed the Secretary this morning that Ricardo Chicarella, the organiser of a pop concert which is to be held in West Quarry, Charlestown, would attend the meeting tonight to talk about his plans. Secretary had said to Kathleen that telling the Community Council was a good idea, but that none of the members lived near enough to be affected by the event, so it was more important to ensure that the immediate neighbours were informed. Ricardo said this is his fourth year operating a ‘boutique festival’. He is working in partnership with Jocky Wilson of Waulkmill Farm. The event will be on 22nd August from 12 noon to midnight. The event is called ‘In the Woods’ and is promoted on Facebook and bookings are managed on-line. It would be contained within the West Quarry landfill site which is contained by vertical cliffs. Participants (about 500) will all be bussed in – the ticket price includes the bus fare – and bussed back home at the end of the event. There is no car parking. Secretary re-emphasised how important it was to make sure the interests of the immediate neighbours were properly taken into consideration.

  1. Community Engagement Group.

  1. Questionnaire. About 75 questionnaires have been completed – mostly on-line. Mandy will carry out a full analysis of the results.

  2. Secretary, Kat, and Mandy had responded to the school’s invitation to talk to P2 pupils about the Community Council. One child pointed out that there was still no bollard preventing vehicles driving onto Limekilns Park. Secretary will follow this up. There was another interesting question about whether Crombie could be included in our Community Council. Technically, it cannot, but it might be worth considering co-opting a Crombie representative now that Crombie children attend Limekilns School.

  1. Treasurer’s Report.

  1. No movement of funds during the month.

  2. Still trying to get a new signature mandate through the system. We were unaware that the Bank had, apparently, never received he first one, so we had to start all over again. Existing signatories include Gaye Darby who stopped being secretary 27 years ago. The meeting passed a resolution to remove the following as signatories: Gaye Darby, Anne Anderson, Beryl Leatherland, Ali MacKerron, and Suze Anderson. Signatories will now be Sue Hamilton, Kat Tebbutt, Alex Hill.

  3. Form to claim our grant from Fife Council has been submitted.

  1. Secretary’s Report

  1. On 23rd June, Secretary had received information about ‘Scottish Heritage Angel Awards’ for which nominations have to be submitted by 30th June! Maybe they’ll give us more notice in future years.

  2. The ‘Engaging with Planning’ event, for which the Secretary has registered will be held on 24th August. She had received no expressions of interest from other members in going

  1. Councillor. None present. No report.

  1. AOCB

  1. Moira Adams, who is a member of Fife Health Board, had, this morning attended a meeting where a major topic of discussion was the petition that had been lodged requesting that A&E services be restored at Queen Margaret Hospital. Detailed research of the impact of the closure on patient outcome showed that there had been no significant deterioration. There is no way that the Health Board would reconsider their decision – notwithstanding longer travelling distances for patients and ambulances. What had become clear was that there was very little public understanding of the services provided by the Minor Injuries Unit. This operates 24/7, with the proviso that X-ray is not available at night. Moira held up a booklet called ‘Know who to turn to’. No-one present was aware of its existence, although it should be available from GP surgeries and pharmacies. Here is a link to it.


An overall conclusion of the review was that better communication is vital. There should be better integration and communication between the various services.

  1. Alex asked if the Community Council should have a presence at the Gala. This seemed to be thought to be a good idea, but no-one volunteered to organise it.

  2. Camper vans had again spent single nights at the turning circle. This was not considered a problem so long as they didn’t create noise or litter.

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 25th August 2015 at the Gellet Hall.




Present: Sue Hamilton, Peter Curry, Tommy Cuthbert, Callum MacInnes, Alex Hill, Kat Tebbutt, Rob Thompson, Mandy Littlewood,

In attendance: Cllr Callaghan, Fiona Thompson, Tom Leatherland, Colin and Betty Craig, Craig Lindsay, Shireen Fernie

  1. Apologies: Geoff Cartwright, Trevor Jones, Lesley Scott, Police, Cllr Stewart

  1. Minutes of the meeting of 28th April 2015.

The meeting accepted the minutes as a true record. Proposed: Kat Tebbutt, Seconded: Callum MacInnes.

  1. Matters Arising from meeting of 28th April 2015.

  1. Junction with A985. Villagers had been consulted via email and Facebook as to the effectiveness or otherwise of the electronic signs. There had been over 70 responses. The general view was that the signs had not made much difference. Many said the signs didn’t appear to be working. Secretary had sent the feedback to Transport Scotland and Amey. She had spoken to Marco Bardelli who said they had decided they would do a full week’s camera survey in the near future. Meeting agreed that this should be soon and during term time. Marco had said that the works carried out thus far had been done from the local route budget. Any more work would have to compete for funding on a Scotland-wide basis. It was stated, without attribution, that it was only the 105th busiest junction in Fife. That may be so, but there are unlikely to be many that cause so much stress to drivers. BAE systems may be planning to relocate some of their workforce to Rosyth. It’s not clear whether that would significantly alter the traffic flow at our junction. No move on the painted kerbs or the return of the missing bollard.

  2. Mobile Post Office service. Bill McKissock had alerted the Secretary to the fact that an excellent fibre connection was installed at his property when the PO was still operational. She has passed this information on to the Mobile PO people.

  3. Outdoor Fitness. Kat described the facilities that have been installed at Townhill

  4. Unsuitable for HGVs’ signs. Nothing yet.

  5. Unconventional Gas meetings. Secretary had attended the WFVCC Forum when Andrew Nunn from Cluff spoke. She said it had been very instructive. Rob has put a notice about the meeting on the 9th June in Village Link. He has two confirmed speakers – Donald Campbell from the Broad Alliance, and Prof Andrew Waterston from Stirling University. It was advised that INEOS should be invited, although they probably won’t come!

  6. Inner Forth landscape Initiative Kilns Project. Kathleen reported that agreements about access during and after the works are nearing conclusion.

  7. Cairns Parking. Awaiting John Wilson.

  8. Slabs at Capernaum Court. Secretary has failed to find who did the remedial work.

  9. War memorial. Despite rumours to the contrary, Fife Council do not own the monument itself. Kathleen said the Estate is content to take ownership of it. The only permission required is Listed Building Amendment. Community Council fee rate should apply and CC would pay this if it were to be levied. Cross drains need some remedial work. Estate has a high pressure hose which could be used to clear the drain on the west side.

  10. Local bus service. Secretary had spoken to Scott Blyth. ‘Hail and Ride’ stop by the Sutlery is being piloted from this week. We need to let people know. Secretary will put a notice on the notice boards..

  11. Broadband. Several individuals are attempting to find answers to the conundrum as to why high speed broadband has not been made available to the whole of Limekilns. It seems that, of the four ‘cabinets’ inside the Telephone Exchange building, only Number 2 has not been upgraded. It really seems to be luck of the draw as to which premises have it available. Potential users need to keep making a fuss.

  12. Kiosk Adoption. Process of ‘approval’ by Fife Council is still ongoing.

  13. Airport flight path plans. Malcolm Hamilton had written to the Scottish government seeking more information about the proposal to pilot alterations to the flight path from Edinburgh southwards. The civil servant who replied said it was a reserved matter, and he seemed to have had to ask Edinburgh Airport about their plans. He said, as it was a pilot, it didn’t need an Environmental Assessment or planning permission and that there would be full consultation if it were decided to make it permanent!

  14. Rosyth Churchyard. The fallen tree has been removed and the area inside the Elgin railings has been tidied up. There has been no removal of tree growth or of the broken fence from around the building. Secretary will arrange a meeting with Liz Murphy. She and Jim Macdonald have agreed a combination for the lock on the gate by the turning circle.

  15. 8.15am bus to Dunfermline. Secretary had spoken with Annie about the possibility of getting to Dunfermline on the school bus. Annie had said she would give it a try.

  1. Police Report.

  1. Police had held a Community Engagement Meeting here last evening. It seems that, in future they will hold their Engagement Meetings on the same night as, and preceding, Community Council meetings.

  2. Issues which were raised and discussed last night were: overnight campervans, use of cardboard policeman, rules relating to CCTV installations, Bistro application (see item 5 below).

  3. Secretary had circulated the reply she had received from the chair of Safer Communities Committee about our concerns about the move of the contact centre to Bilston. It is still not clear whether local non-emergency incidents are routed through operators with local knowledge

  1. Bistro, application for Variation to License

  1. The meeting of the Licensing Board had postponed a decision pending a site visit to be held on June 1st. Objectors had submitted photographic evidence of failure to restrict alcohol consumption by wedding guests to the licensee’s premises. They therefore take issue with the Community Council’s view that outdoor alcohol consumption will be managed as effectively as it is in other licensed premises in the village.

  2. The police had stated at the Community Engagement Meeting that they operate a ‘green, amber, red’ system of warnings for any breach of regulations.

  1. Broomhall Estate. Pattiesmuir

  1. The responsibility for future upkeep of the unmade road will be the subject of a meeting between the Factor and representatives of the affected residents. The Estate is still planning to build houses. A meeting to which all residents are invited has yet to be held.

  2. Hogweed is bad at Aberlyn. It is being sprayed ‘as we speak’..

  3. Big article in the Dunfermline Press about ‘Broomhall Development’ was not initiated by either the Estate or Stirling Developments! There is, in fact no news beyond the fact that it is in the Local Plan as a ‘Strategic Land Allocation’

  1. Community Engagement Group.

  1. The village diary non-edit link http://teamup.com/ks2d7841cb0be65458/ will be sent out through the email list and Facebook. Secretary will ask if anyone else would like the edit facility.

  2. Design and wording of questionnaire for Village Link has been agreed. Mandy has produced an on-line version which will be circulated after publication of village Link

  1. Treasurer’s Report.

  1. Balances: CC BoS £791.55; CC Nationwide £1717.52; Residents for Responsible Development £1072.66..


  1. Secretary’s Report

Secretary had received information about a new Facebook page for Scottish Community Councillors: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Scotlands.community.councillors.chewin.the.fat/?fref=ts

  1. Councillor

Cllr Callaghan had nothing to add

  1. AOCB

  1. There is a move to introduce a bill in the Scottish Parliament to ban parking on footways. Such a measure would mean that it would be virtually impossible for traffic to move along roads such a Brucehaven Road!

  2. Secretary had been asked to find out why some pupils living on Charlestown Green get free transport to Limekilns School and some do not. It’s because some of North row is more than a mile from the school and all of South Row is less than a mile.

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 30th June 2015 at the Gellet Hall.





Present: Sue Hamilton, Peter Curry, Alex Hill, Trevor Jones, Mandy Littlewood, Geoff Cartwright, Callum MacInnes, Lesley Scott, Kat Tebbutt, Rob Thompson, Suze Anderson

  1. In attendance: Cllr Callaghan, PC Kirsty Orrock, PC Ian Moffat, Fiona Thompson, Evelyn Jones, Tom Leatherland, Doreen Kempsell

  1. Apologies: Tommy Cuthbert, Annie Nally, Cllr Stewart, Colin and Betty Craig

  1. Minutes of the meeting of 31st March 2015.

Item 9(g) was amended to record that the Factor had agreed to arrange a meeting with the affected residents. The meeting then accepted the minutes as a true record. Proposed: Lesley Scott, Seconded: Kat Tebbutt,

  1. Matters Arising from meeting of 31st March 2015

  1. Junction with A985. Electronic signs have been up for a month. Many views were voiced in the meeting about the fact that the signs on the junction had not made much difference. Meeting agreed to ask villagers via email and Facebook how well the measures are working. No move on the painted kerbs or the return of the missing bollard.

  2. Request for ramps for skate-park etc. Investigations ongoing.

  3. Gate latch at Rosyth Churchyard. New one installed this week!

  4. Mobile Post Office service. Secretary has sourced a poster for the noticeboard. She tried to get BT and the GPO to talk sense to each other but to no avail. She arranged a meeting with David Gray of 1 The Promenade and Brian Turnbull, GPO ‘change manager’ to discuss alternative locations to site the vital box, which is currently attached to the inaccessible telegraph pole in the lane between The Prom and Main Street. The obvious location would be to attach it (glue?) to the back of the telephone kiosk. If we were to adopt it, then BT couldn’t object. Secretary has made an initial expression of interest in the adoption of the box by the community. In the meantime, Brian will enquire of BT what would be involved in attaching the box to a wall at 1 The Promenade.

  5. Planning Democracy conference was an excellent event. Lots of good networking opportunities and a big thrust to the campaign for Equal Rights of Appeal.

  6. Outdoor Fitness. Investigations ongoing.

  7. Merryhill Bridge. Scott Blyth cannot identify no appropriate location for ‘unsuitable for HGVs’ signs west of The Elgin (which is really too far in advance). He will talk to Amey about putting a sign on the main road. At Pattiesmuir, he will ask them for a ‘No through road’ sign.

  8. Unconventional Gas meetings. Secretary had circulated information about Ineos ‘consultation’ events. No-one has attended one yet. She also circulated the notice of the WFVCC Forum this Thursday, when Andrew Nunn from Cluff will speak. Rob suggests the 9th June as the best date for an information meeting in the Queen’s Hall. He is contacting speakers, and will put the provisional date in the on-line diary.

  9. Inner Forth landscape Initiative Kilns Project. No update.

  10. Cairns Parking. John Wilson now busy farming, but will keep in touch about when he identifies a date when men and machines are available. The Green is in a better state now it has dried out a bit.

  11. Slabs at Capernaum Court. Secretary still trying to establish who did the work so that the remaining slightly raised slab is sorted.

  12. Community Payback. Posts at Limekilns Pier car park have been renewed and the minister’s garage given a once-over. Our letter of thanks from the Community Council had been published in the Dunfermline Press.

  13. War memorial. Rob reported that grass seed has been planted. The additional drain will be dug to direct water from the new cross-drains to the soak-away. The model for the bas-relief sword is being produced. Secretary mentioned that a group of individuals is carrying out research on the men who are named on the war memorial. Craig Lindsay is also compiling a photo story of the production of the new sword.

  14. Local bus service. Secretary had spoken to Scott Blyth. He thinks it would be preferable to have a ‘Hail and Ride’ stop by the Sutlery, rather than moving any bus stops. This still leaves a long walk from the Elgin, but maybe the driver can be asked to put folk down a bit nearer the shop.

  15. Sutlery. Secretary had spoken with Janice. There has been some interest, but no real prospect of a sale. Secretary asked that, if Janice and Jimmy found they were no longer able to carry on, they would let us know in good time, so that the community could decide whether it was minded to run a community shop.

  16. Boundary Commission. Secretary had tried to discover more. Public consultation on proposed new boundaries is only planned at the very end of the process. Saline is particularly exercised by the proposal that they be put into a ward with Kelty – with which they have no connection at all. From the proposals map published in the Press, Secretary had an impression that Charlestown and Limekilns would be split. This is not the case. Currently the proposal is to ‘move’ both our villages in with Rosyth. (There was a suggestion that, if Crombie is in a different ward from Limekilns, it might be difficult to deal with issues raised by Crombie parents concerning Limekilns school.)

  1. Police Report. (Taken before matters arising)

  1. PC Kirsty Orrock, reported the small number of calls each from Limekilns and Charlestown in the past month. One call had been about a grenade found on The Run at Charlestown! No crimes had been recorded.

  2. (Secretary omitted to report that she had, as suggested by Cllr Callaghan, written to the chair of Safer Communities Committee, about our concerns about the move of the contact centre to Bilston, but had yet to receive a response.)

  3. The cardboard cop is being deployed around the area for no more than 2 hours at a time.

  1. Bistro, application for Variation to License

  1. It is understood that the immediate neighbours have made representations to the licensing authority. None of them are in attendance this evening, and only one has copied their objection to the secretary.

  2. The application, if granted, would bring the Bistro into parity with The Bruce and The Ship.

  3. Meeting agreed, proposed by Lesley, seconded by Geoff, that we are not minded to object and anticipate that the premises will be self-policing in the manner exercised by other licensed premises in the villages. Secretary will write to licensing.

  1. Broomhall Estate. Pattiesmuir

  1. Geoff Cartwright was delighted to report that, although the promised meeting had yet to happen, action has been taken by the Estate, specifically Jim McDonald, to grade the surface and deal with some of the drainage levels. Some further work is to be carried out, and thereafter the respective responsibilities of residents and Estate for future maintenance will be established. Coincidentally, Fife Council have done some repair work on corner by the College and on the lane past the Piggery as part of the cycle network.

  2. Application has been submitted for conversion of Charlestown old school building to flats. The Community Council welcomed the proposal.

  3. Work to be carried out at Rosyth Churchyard will need vehicular access. Secretary progressing the issue of gate padlock with Factor.

  1. Rosyth Churchyard

  1. Secretary had met on site with David Simpson, Rory McDonald of Historic Scotland and ‘Mitch’ of Bereavement Services. It was agreed that the tree growth around the church walls was likely to compromise the structure, and that the saplings should be removed. Mitch said that he could arrange this. We also agreed that the broken down fence should be removed and that Mitch would also deal with the tree that has fallen into the churchyard.

  1. Community Engagement Group.

  1. The village diary non-edit link is http://teamup.com/ks2d7841cb0be65458/. Secretary to ask through email list if anyone else would like the edit facility.

  2. Mandy will draft a short questionnaire for Village Link (deadline 17th May), and circulate it to members for approval.

  3. Anne Marsh had emailed the Secretary this morning to ask if we could speak to a class about how the Community Council make decisions. Meeting agreed we would be happy to do this if we could find dates that suited.

  1. BT Adopt a Kiosk Scheme

  1. Several suggestions have been made as to how our kiosks might be used if we adopted them. They could be local geography and history information points with a different emphasis for each village. They could be like the ‘empty plinth’ in Trafalgar Square with different village organisations taking it in turns to use them for their purposes. They could be book exchange points – as in Cleish. Or they could be community defibrillator points. There was extensive consideration of the latter. However, it seems that if they are to be worthwhile (the initial cost, maintenance cost, and eventual replacement cost) then there needs to be a fair chance that they would be used to save a life or two. In general, they tend to be located in places where there is high footfall over an extended period – like supermarkets and busy stations. (The more people you have, the more likely there is that someone will have a cardiac arrest.) Defibrillators can also be located in isolated communities where ambulance response times can be long. In the case of our villages, Charlestown and Limekilns are treated as ‘urban’ and have a 9 minute emergency response time while Pattiesmuir is treated as ‘rural’ and subject to a longer response time. (This 18 minute response time is also the case for villages in the East Neuk, where there are a number of community defibrillators.)

  1. Treasurer’s Report.

  1. Kat, Suze, and Sue have met to plan hand over of Treasurer responsibilities and completion of forms for change of signatories.

  2. Balances: CC BoS £791.55; CC Nationwide £1717.52; Residents for Responsible Development £1072.66.

  3. In answer to a question about the derisory interest rates, Treasurer explained that, whatever the bank, ‘Treasurer’ accounts which do not incur bank charges and which can have multiple signatories have very low interest rates.

  4. Annual accounts are now complete and have been reviewed by Sam Burton.

  5. Fife Council grant application form received by Secretary, passed to Treasurer.


  1. Secretary’s Report

  1. High speed broad band. Chairman explained some of the history of the arrival of broadband. It seems that there is a discontinuity in Limekilns, with some properties (apparently those connected to ‘cabinets 1 and 4’ in the exchange) having high speed broadband, while others (connected to cabinets 2 and 3) do not. Secretary will write to BT, but it would probably be more effective if the individuals who need it wrote to BT themselves, or possibly contacted OFCOM.

  2. Annie Nally has written to the secretary tendering her resignation from the Community Council since she doesn’t feel that we have given sufficient support to her efforts to achieve a better bus service for the villages. Secretary read her letter which asks that we write to Stagecoach in order to get the 8.40am bus restored in term time. It was pointed out that there is, in fact, a bus that leaves the village at 8.15am. This is the Rennies bus to Woodmill School and is, (clarified by Secretary post meeting) apparently, available to everyone. Secretary will write a letter of thanks to Annie for her commitment and enthusiasm as a member of the Community Council.

  3. Mailing from Bill Welsh of Fife Council. Contained two copies of the Community Council information pack (Lesley took one to read); a list of our elected Community Councillors checked for having signed a Declaration of Acceptance; our grant application form; and a useful grid of local managers for various services. We are also asked what training Community Councillors would like. No members mentioned any pressing need.

  1. Councillors

Cllr Callaghan understands that Charlestown street lighting installation is to happen this month. Callum confirmed that the positions of new columns had been marked and that residents had received letters confirming that the works would take place in May.

  1. AOCB

  1. It was announced on the news this evening that there are plans to test a revised flight path for planes taking off from Edinburgh and heading south. After taking off in a westerly direction, they will turn north until they cross the shore of the Forth at Blackness, and thereafter climb eastwards along the Forth until they turn south over Musselburgh. These flights will start on June 25th. Our lives may become noisier.

  2. Situation with Crombie and Charlestown children each being provided with a different school bus is very odd. Why can’t they be served by just one bus?

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 26th May 2015 at the Gellet Hall. AGM at 7.30pm, followed by an ordinary meeting at approximately 7.50pm.




Present: Sue Hamilton, Geoff Cartwright, Tommy Cuthbert, Callum MacInnes, Lesley Scott, Kat Tebbutt, Rob Thompson

  1. In attendance: Cllr Callaghan, Charlie Reid Thomas, Mike Brockie, Fiona Thompson, Evelyn Jones, Lorna Wilkie, Phillip Heaton, John Haxton, Tom Leatherland, Malcolm Hamilton, Bob and Irene Ferguson, Colin and Betty Craig, Doreen Kempsell

  1. Apologies: Peter Curry, Alex Hill, Trevor Jones, Mandy Littlewood, PC Kirsty Orrock

  1. In the absence of both the Chairman and Vice Chairman, Cllr Callaghan opened the meeting by asking for a volunteer to take the chair. Geoff Cartwright volunteered, and the meeting accepted his offer.

  1. Minutes of the meeting of 24th February 2015.

  1. Rob Thompson wished it recorded at 4(a) that he and the Secretary would arrange to meet ‘to discuss the War Memorial’. Minutes were amended accordingly. Rob proposed a number of further amendments. Meeting agreed that action to investigate community council constitution was not placed on Rob. Other items were discussed at some length, but the meeting majority agreed that further amendments were not necessary.

  2. The meeting then accepted the minutes as a true record. Proposed: Lesley Scott,. Seconded: Kat Tebbutt,

  1. Matters Arising from meeting of 24th February 2015

  1. Junction with A985. Electronic signs are being erected this week. No move on the painted kerbs or the return of the missing bollard.

  2. Request for ramps for skate-park etc. Investigations ongoing.

  3. Gates at Telephone Exchange. Magnificent new gates installed. They are sometimes locked, and sometimes not.

  4. Gate latch at Rosyth Churchyard. No new latch yet

  5. Mobile Post Office service. Started on Thursday 19th, as promised. Location on the Prom is less than ideal, causing complaints from residents, a hazard to other traffic, and has its cable trailing across the footway and driveways. Secretary will speak to the ‘Change Manager’ again. Members observed that the service doesn’t seem to have been very well publicised. Only some people have had letters telling them about it. Secretary will ask again for posters

  6. Planning Democracy campaigns for more justice in the planning system. Its next conference is in Glasgow on 25th April. Secretary has details.

  7. Outdoor Fitness. Kat has been looking at what would be available for under £10,000 (the small grant limit for FET, which only requires 10% match funding). Suggested location would be beside Limekilns play park. Charlestown must be kept in mind too!

  8. Purple pipes sticking out of Charlestown pavements are ducts for installing wires when new street lights are installed. They were put in when the road was surfaced a year ago. They have now been buried until they are needed.

  9. Merryhill Bridge. Scott Blyth will erect ‘unsuitable for HGVs’ signs at the main road junction and at the corner near the cricket pitch. Geoff asked for a similar sign at Pattiesmuir road end, where there is a regular problem with HGVs getting misled by their Sat Navs!

  10. Constitution. Enquiries so far indicate that only three (of approximately 100) community councils in Fife have a constitution which differs from the Fife standard model. There was a time when applications to Fife Environment Trust required specific wording, but this is no longer the case.

  11. Unconventional Gas meetings. CC had received no information about the time and date for the Kincardine meeting which was mainly about underground coal gasification. Fiona Thompson had attended, and had heard some ‘quite frightening’ things. The meeting was well attended with speakers from Friends of the Earth and Maria Montinaro from California Community Council. Ineos and Cluff were not present but sent statements. Ineos is organising a number of ‘consultation’ events, but none are in Fife. Rob suggested that we arrange a meeting in the villages to ensure our community is well-informed. He would be happy to arrange it. Queen’s Hall would be a suitable venue. Sooner rather than later. Perhaps May. Fiona got the impression that things were going on behind the scenes, so time is probably of the essence. It should be purely an information meeting. Secretary could give Rob contact details for speakers. Secretary said the WEA had arranged a showing of ‘Gaslands 2’ but had not publicised it very well!

  12. Inner Forth landscape Initiative Kilns Project. The Factor reported that the offer of funding for the project has been made to the Estate. Final details are being clarified. IFLI is running two introductory archaeology events in Clackmannan next week

  1. Police Report.

  1. PC Kirsty Orrock, while not present had submitted a written reported which stated that there had been one call each from Limekilns and Charlestown in the past month, with one crime of theft recorded.

  2. There had been a community engagement meeting in the Gellet Hall last Monday. It was poorly attended. Secretary had not been sent a notice and few members of the public seemed to know about it! There is a suggestion that, to give Community Engagement meetings a regular date, they may in future be held an hour (or half an hour) before CC meetings. Meeting agreed that they had no problem with this, while presuming that it would not be every month, since there are other CCs meeting on the same night.

  3. There are concerns about the move of the 101 service from Glenrothes to Bilston. Doreen reported that they seemed to have little clue as to where Limekilns was.

  4. PC Orrock had told the Secretary that cops on the move can no longer be sent emails via Airwave, and that they have to return to base to receive emails. She had suggested that this is a huge inconvenience. Cllr Callaghan suggested that we write about our concerns to the chair of Safer Communities Committee.

  1. Bistro, application for Variation to License

  1. Secretary had, today received notice of this application. Currently, the license allows alcohol to be consumed outside until eight o’clock, as long as it is served with food. The variation applied for is to allow alcohol to be served outside, not necessarily with food, until midnight. This is a different proposition and may be unacceptable to neighbours.

  2. We should check how the outside license works for The Bruce and The Ship.

  3. Police are consulted when there is an application for a variation.

  1. Parking at The Cairns.

  1. Lorna Wilkie and Phillip Heaton, residents of the Cairns were in attendance to hear what work is planned. The main issue is for bin lorries to be able to negotiate the curve, even when there are parked cars. The proposal is to dig a trench 1m wide inside the existing Grasscrete, and fill it with hard core, with a final layer of red shale chips.

  2. Residents did not want to see more parking encouraged on the Green. The expenditure on the unnecessary tarmac path is still seen as a waste of money.

  3. Lynn Hoey had suggested to the Secretary that locality Budget funds (£2227.20 as per John Wilson’s proposal) could be made available if the project involved a partnership between the Community Council, Fife Council and Community Payback. Secretary had applied to the Housing Manager on this basis and the amount had been approved.

  4. Secretary had brought to the meeting, samples of the materials which John Wilson proposes to use. Geoff said that a smaller size of demolition waste had not been a success for filling pot holes on Pattiesmuir’s unmade road. However, the samples provided are of a larger grade, and, in this case will be packed down to fill a trench and not ground down to cement slurry as had happened in Pattiesmuir.

  5. Secretary will contact John Wilson about a starting date. Residents will be informed what the work will involve and how long it is likely to take.

  1. Slabs at Capernaum Court

  1. Community Council minutes of May June and September 2014, record our efforts to have the slabs at Capernaum Court re-laid, after four people had tripped and fallen. Fife Council denied responsibility and nothing was done.

  2. In early March, this year, a lady tripped and broke her nose and glasses and cracked three ribs. She has approached her lawyer about seeking compensation.

  3. The slabs have now been re-laid, but no one is admitting to have done it. One slab is slightly raised and still needs attention.

  1. Broomhall Estate. Pattiesmuir

  1. Geoff Cartwright, speaking for residents said the unmade road is worse than it has ever been.

  2. He said that residents are trying hard to get a solution, but hear nothing from the Estate.

  3. Factor says the Estate is waiting for better weather to apply tarmac planings.

  4. Estate thinks that the long-term solution is housing development. Residents want the matter of the road to be not linked to development.

  5. One Pattiesmuir resident has a letter from the Estate, dated 2006, saying that if planning permission was not granted for a development proposed at that time, a one-off payment of £2000 to repair the road would be made. This evidently never happened. Factor stated that the letter has been taken out of context.

  6. Factor asserted that responsibility lies with householders. Individuals are currently examining their deeds. Some deeds refer to the lane as a ‘public road’.

  7. Essential now that residents or their representative sit down with the Factor to seek a long-term resolution.

  8. It was suggested by the Chair that it would probably not be in the Estate’s interest if there were to be another ‘media storm’. Elderly couple in the last cottage are now both very vulnerable, and access to and from their home is vital.

  1. Community payback

  1. Substantial work had been carried out at the War Memorial. Three drains had been dug across the path and drain piping installed. The tarmac at the eastern end of the site has been broken up and a soakaway provided. Pooling should no longer happen. There had been a huge downpour last night. Secretary had visited the site immediately after it stopped. There was no water running down the east side.

  2. In the bus shelter (The ‘Snug’), one new seat is being made from what was reclaimable from the two existing ones. It will be in place shortly.

  3. Vegetation on the A985, which had previously been cut back, has been removed from the field.

  4. Car park behind the church has been cleared of brambles and sapling growth. The minister’s garage is to be refurbished.

  5. Secretary had asked Clive how the good work done could be acknowledged, so that the ‘clients’ recognised the value of the work they were doing. He suggested writing to the local paper. Meeting approved a draft letter read by the Secretary. It will be sent to the Press and The Courier.

  6. Annie Nally and Geoff Cartwright had, separately, asked if the path round the plantation on the Bell Hills could be cleared. Clive will have a look. He had suggested to the Secretary that this is not the best time of year to clear brambles, since the shoots think they are being pruned and, as a result, put on rapid growth. Late autumn is the better time.

  1. Beach Clean

  1. We had another great beach clean. About 40 people turned out on a blustery day.

  2. Someone had nominated the organisers of our community Beach Clean for a Keep Scotland Beautiful ‘Clean-up Hero of the Month’ award. The award was presented by Cllr Callaghan to Kat Corbett who had organised the clean-up event on behalf of the Floral Displays Group and the Community Council.

  3. Kat holds relevant telephone numbers in the event of a pollution incident affecting our beaches.

  1. Community Engagement Group.

  1. An on-line village diary has been established and an editable link sent to village organisations. When they have got the hang of this shared diary, Mandy will issue a non-edit link for information on the CC website and the ‘Limekilns for Sale and Wanted site’. She’ll also print off the diary each month for the noticeboards. The non-edit link is http://teamup.com/ks2d7841cb0be65458/. Anyone else who would like the edit facility, please let us know.

  2. We have asked the editor of Village Link if we could have a pull-out centre page which would have the diary on one side and a questionnaire on the other to seek community feedback on the work of the Community Council. Meeting agreed a payment of £50 for this facility.

  1. War memorial.

  1. The Sword. The forge is standing by to begin casting. It is not essential that we spend the appropriate % of the Fife Council grant, as long as it is tied to specific projects in the near future.

  2. Rob has received verbal approval of the application to the War Memorials Centenary Fund and expects a written confirmation this week).

  1. BT Adopt a Kiosk Scheme relaunched.

  1. Both our telephone kiosks are ‘listed’ by Historic Scotland, and so cannot be removed.

  2. BT is offering them for adoption by communities at £1 each.

  3. They will remove the telephone apparatus, but leave the electricity supply (and pay for it) if we ask them to.

  4. Some members expressed reluctance to take on such a project, and there were no immediate thoughts as to appropriate use. It was agreed that all should think creatively about possible uses. Secretary will ask Anne Marsh if we could involve the school children.

  5. Secretary will enquire of Historic Scotland as to any knowledge they have of kiosks being adopted elsewhere.

  1. Treasurer’s Report.

  1. No report this month. Suze has been unwell.

  2. Meeting still to be held to hand over Treasurer responsibilities.

  3. A new mandate will be completed with the new signatories.


  1. Secretary’s Report

  1. Limekilns Church is holding a series of meetings called ‘Future Focus’ on 21st April, 5th May and 16th May. The church building is big and prominent within the villages, but the church is more than a building, and it’s important that it works for the and with the whole community. All are invited to these meetings to discuss the role of the church in our community.

  2. A resident was concerned that we don’t have fibre broadband. Yes we do. Ask your provider.

  3. The community noticeboards have been given some TLC and the locking mechanism now works much more smoothly.

  4. Rosyth Churchyard. At the last Gellet Society meeting, David Simpson, a historian who was raised in Charlestown, spoke about his theory that the site of Rosyth Churchyard, may well have been a very important link for the monks from Abercorn in their mission to the Picts (who, at that time, occupied all the lands north of the Forth). The site may have a far longer history than previously thought. He expressed his concern about the growth of saplings and other vegetation which was threatening the integrity of the surviving walls. He hoped that he might recruit some volunteers to do some maintenance. Secretary has long-held concerns about the vegetation and the collapsed wooden fence which now serves no purpose. She is arranging a meeting between David Simpson, Rory McDonald of Historic Scotland, and Fife Council Bereavement Services to see what can be done.

  5. Sutlery shop business. Janice and Jimmy had high hopes of a buyer with whom they have been dealing for the past several months. This sale has now fallen through. We have previously spoken of a feasibility study for a community shop. Charlie Stoddart from the church had useful dialogue with the Plunkett foundation which provides advice for community enterprises. Secretary will speak to Janice to gauge what her and Jimmy’s feelings now are about future prospects.

  1. Councillors

  1. The Local Government Boundary Commission is reviewing ward boundaries. There is a possibility that ‘Limekilns’ could be moved in with Rosyth. There is, apparently, a consultation in progress. Secretary has not heard. She will enquire.

  2. Cllr Callaghan said she was delighted to have been invited to present the award for our community beach clean efforts.

  1. AOCB

  1. Mrs Kempsell raised the issue of the unkempt state of the enclosed area of Rosyth Churchyard which is apparently reserved for the Elgin family. The Factor will investigate.

  2. A tree has fallen into the churchyard. Secretary will alert Bereavement Services.

  3. Local bus service. Lesley told the meeting that a number of people take the bus to Charlestown in order to shop at the Sutlery. They do so in anticipation that they can get back on the same bus as it comes back from Crombie. The walk from the bus stop at the Elgin makes this something of a challenge for less mobile individuals. Is there a chance that the bus stop could be moved? Secretary will enquire. Cllr Callaghan has a meeting arranged about a bus stop in High Valleyfield, so she’ll get them to look at Charlestown too.

  4. West Fife Villages Community Council Forum. Secretary and Tommy agreed that it was taking a long time for Tommy to be put on the circulation list. By the time he gets on to it, we might all have moved to Rosyth, (see item 18 above)!

  5. Lorna from The Cairns asked the Factor about tree felling operations in the woods opposite The Cairns. He said he would phone her with dates.

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 28th April 2015 at the Gellet Hall.





Present: Sue Hamilton, Alex Hill, Geoff Cartwright, Trevor Jones, Mandy Littlewood, Callum MacInnes, Lesley Scott, Kat Tebbutt, Rob Thompson

  1. In attendance: Cllr Callaghan, Cllr Stuart, PC Kirsty Orrock, PC Ian Moffat, Mike Brockie, Fiona Thompson, Evelyn Jones, Moira Adams, Kirsty Ballantyne, Scott Lockhart

  1. Apologies: Peter Curry, Tommy Cuthbert, Annie Nally, Suze Anderson, Doreen Kempsell

  2. In the Chairman’s absence, Alex Hill chaired the meeting.


  1. Minutes of the meeting of 27th January 2015.

  1. Rob Thompson wished it recorded at 8(a) that he and the Secretary would arrange to meet ’to discuss War Memorial funding’.

  2. After amendment to this effect, the minutes were accepted as a true record. Proposed: Callum MacInnes. Seconded: Kat Tebbutt,

  1. Matters Arising from meeting of 27th January 2015

  1. Junction with A985. Little communication achieved. No move on the painted kerbs or the return of the missing bollard. Technical visit to plan the electronic signs will happen this week. Vegetation on the north side of the A985 between the Limekilns and the Pattiesmuir junctions has been cut back by Community Payback, working from the field with the permission of John Hutcheson.

  2. Parking at The Cairns. Secretary had spoken with Clive about possibly filling in the holes in the grass. Advice from John Wilson (Waulkmill) was that any fill would be churned into the mud. John had suggested that soil needs to be removed from a trench which should be lined and filled with clean aggregate. This may be a more achievable solution than Grasscrete. John has provided a quote of £1856 + VAT (£2227.20). Meeting agreed that Secretary would speak with Lynn Hoey about whether this could be carried out in place of Grasscrete. Rob asserted that we would need three quotes. Secretary would check with Lynn. Callum requested that we be given more information about the materials to be used. Secretary will follow this up.

  3. Request for ramps for skate-park etc. Investigations ongoing.

  4. Gates at Telephone Exchange. New gates are being made, and are currently being galvanized.

  5. Gate latch at Rosyth Churchyard. Secretary had received word today that a ‘line will be sent to the blacksmith’ for a proper latch to be made.

  6. Mobile Post Office service. No news.

  7. Charlestown street lighting. Sense has prevailed and Lochaber and Hall Row have been added to the list of streets excepted from the plan to install modern columns.

  8. Beechgrove application. Unsuccessful this year. Floral Display Group will find out more about the applications which were short listed.

  9. Planning Democracy conference to be held in Glasgow on 25th April. Most planning conferences take a planner/developer perspective. This conference considers planning from a community perspective.

  10. Road surface at the Loanheads. Has been reported again, but officers say it’s not bad enough to merit attention.

  1. Police Report.

  1. PC Kirsty Orrock was in attendance with a colleague. There had been only one call from Limekilns and two from Charlestown in the past month, all three being minor incidents.

  2. Trevor reported that his CCTV had detected people interfering with his vehicle. He had called 101 and a response team had attended.

  1. Secretary’s possible breach of Data protection legislation.

  1. Secretary read a statement stating that she had given the email address and telephone number of a member of the Community Council to an individual who wanted to contact him. She apologised if she had acted against the spirit of Data Protection legislation.

  1. Broomhall Estate. Pattiesmuir

  1. No-one from the Estate was in attendance.

  2. Geoff Cartwight referred to a letter which has been sent to the Estate by the residents of Pattiesmuir whose only access is the unmade road. Quite apart from the damage being done to vehicles, there is now particular concern about the vulnerability of an elderly couple who have to be transported to hospital appointments and who have carers going in four times a day. Residents are exasperated at the total absence of maintenance of this essential access. The letter states that if nothing is done within a month, residents will have, once again to resort to media exposure.

  3. Cllr Callaghan cited an equivalent situation with an unmade road in Kincardine. (She added, incidentally, that it is important that, if and when a planning application is lodged, people submit any objections in writing. If there are more than 5 objections, it has to be considered by councillors on the Planning Committee and not just dealt with by officers.)

  1. Inner Forth Landscape Initiative. Proposals for the kilns

  1. Rory McDonald of Historic Scotland and Kirsty McAlister of IFLI brought various people to a site meeting at the kilns last Thursday. There was a structural expert, some archaeologists, and some IFLI ‘landscape trainees’. Rory explained that he was also representing Broomhall Estate at that meeting. Clive Allan was in attendance as was the Secretary. The site and the proposals were described to those in attendance. Rory hoped that work might get underway in March. For Health and Safety reasons, the site will be enclosed by secure industrial fencing for the period of the works – which are likely to last a year or more. There is still some contractual paperwork to be signed off with the Estate

  2. The archaeologists, in particular, expressed an enthusiasm for working with local people on some of the ‘digging’.

  3. Community Payback had done a great job in clearing the buddleia and brambles from in front of the publicly-accessible kiln and had painted the posts and the support for the information board. After Clive had spoken to Rory, they had also made a substantial start on clearing vegetation form in front of the other kilns.

  1. War memorial.

  1. Clive’s footpath squad is otherwise engaged just now. He’ll keep in touch with Rob.

  2. The Sword. Costs and security issues make it preferable to form the sword as a bas relief bronze to be attached securely to the stone pillar. The first quotation is for £3200.

  3. The War Memorials Trust has approved the pre-application submission and is likely to approve make a grant of 75%. Full application to go in this week.

  4. The Community Council agreed to contribute £500.

  5. Matthew Price and a John Wylie of Fife Council suggested that planning permission would be required, but is likely to be granted.

  6. British Legion are supportive as is Historic Scotland.

  7. Secretary had received two copies of ‘The Repair and Maintenance of War Memorials’ published by Historic Scotland. She had passed one on to Rob.

  1. Community Payback

  1. A report (See Annex 1) had been circulated to members in advance of the meeting: The meeting agreed to the Secretary’s proposal that we pay the cost of materials necessary for refurbishing the seats in the old bus shelter on the Prom (£59.49 estimate). Secretary would check with Clive whether the work would include all necessary making good of the woodwork before it was painted.

  1. Treasurer’s Report.

  1. Only Kat had mentioned accountancy experience in her member information. She was nominated by Alex and seconded by Lesley. There were no other nominations. Kat Tebbutt was elected as Treasurer to replace Suze Anderson who, sadly, plans to move from this area.

  2. A new mandate will be completed with the new signatories.

  3. Balances are as follows: BoS £958.09; Nationwide account £1712.87; RFRD £1072.56.

  4. Data protection registration has been paid

  5. Expenditure of Fife Council grant. With the agreed expenditure on the War Memorial and the bus shelter, together with our regular outgoings, more than 80% of the grant for 2014/15 will have been spent.

  1. Secretary’s Report

  1. Rebecca Cairns who is also associated with IFLI contacted us to encourage community involvement in Coastal Wildlife recording (Scottish Shell survey, Seaweeds, and plastic pellets). Secretary had suggested that the Beach Clean was not the best time for recording, but there probably was local interest. She had mentioned it to Anne Marsh who is happy to be kept in the loop.

  2. Neighbour planning issue. Secretary had been approached to support one party in a neighbour dispute. Members had been consulted and agreed that it was not appropriate for the Community Council to take sides in such situations.

  3. Outdoor fitness equipment. Secretary had a brochure for the sort of kit that encourages adults to engage in exercise outdoors. Kat had explored possible options when Commonwealth Games legacy funding was going to be available. Cllr Stewart said that Carnock has installed similar equipment in their park and that Kincardine were considering it. Both these CCs might be able to provide helpful information.

  1. Councillors

  1. Cllr Callaghan had mentioned the state of West Road to Transportation. Secretary suggested there was a greater problem at the edge of the road at the speed humps opposite the Green

  2. Cllr Stewart said that there was to be a public meeting in Kincardine on the matter of Underground Coal Gasification. This (largely unproved) process has not been included in the Scottish Government moratorium on unconventional gas.

  3. Cllr Stewart has involvement with work on the war memorial at Carnock.

  4. She reminded us that there are to be extensive road works on Kincardine Bridge. These could involve peak hour delays.

  5. Cllr Stewart now sits on the board of Fife and Forth Valley Community Justice Authority. (See Annex 2)

  6. Both councillors agreed that Care of Older People is failing some clients because the pressure of numbers and restricted budget. Fife Council is devolving some services to the Third Sector.

  7. Councillor Stewart reported that a Community Education Worker, has been appointed to a post in West Fife with a particular focus on welfare issues, including transport. Secretary said it would be useful for her to be introduced to Annie Nally. (See Annex 3)

  1. AOCB

  1. The next beach clean will be on 28th March. Kat has contacted the relevant agencies.

  2. Again there has been a serious incident of a lorry getting stuck on Merryhill Bridge. The holdup was for about 30 minutes. Secretary has already requested signage for restricted length of vehicles. She will repeat her request.

  3. Rob reported Gala dates are fixed and the committee is looking forward to putting them in the on-line village diary. Gala Week is from 8th – 15th August. The door to door collection will be between 18th May and 1st June.

  4. Rob suggested we might review the Community Council constitution. Others suggested there would only be value in such an exercise if any clause in the constitution currently restricts the activity of the Community Council. Rob will review the constitution of a selection of other Community Councils. Other WFVCCF members might provide this information.

  5. Callum asked if anyone knew the purpose/origin of the purple pipes sticking up out of the pavements in Charlestown. Cllr Callaghan will enquire.

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 31st March 2015 at the Gellet Hall.

Annex 1: Report on Community Payback

At our last meeting, Clive Allan was in attendance to discuss what his ‘team’ could contribute to drainage works at the War Memorial. Community Payback has 16 supervisors each with a squad of six in action all over Fife. Supervisors also work weekend shifts. Task allocation is dependent on the calibre and skills of the available offenders and on the availability of supervisors with the necessary experience of the work involved. Clive couldn’t promise when a path squad would be available. However, he was listening carefully to other things that were discussed at the meeting – in particular the vegetation on the A985 and the scrub clearance at the kilns.

The next day, he had visited the kilns and contacted me to say just how the scrub clearing job would be their sort of job. I advised that he had to rein in his enthusiasm since there were issues of Health and Safety and of Conservation. I spoke to Rory Macdonald and left a message with the Estate about the opportunity that seemed to be presented. Rory spoke to Clive and explained what could and couldn’t be done at this stage. Scrub clearing has continued to great effect. They’ve also done a thorough litter pick at the Ballast Bank and cleared vegetation to open up the paths there.

I contacted Amey about the A985 vegetation, and they made it so complicated getting access from the road that I spoke to John Hutcheson, the farmer. He gave the go-ahead and said the forecast was for frost for several days, so driving on the field would be fine. It wasn’t. The weather got warmer and the vehicle got bogged down, so some of the branches have still to be uplifted.

I showed Clive a number of possible projects in the villages. In addition to some path works at Lime Brae, we looked at the path beside the railway from West Harbour to the Lyn Burn. We looked at work needed at the cricket pavilion. We looked at the swampy parking at the Cairns. We looked at the old bus shelter on the Prom. We looked at renewing the posts at the car park on Limekilns Pier. We looked at the gabion project that Cruising Club is undertaking at Capernaum. He agreed there was plenty to be getting on with. We would need to provide the materials for the bus shelter. I have priced these from the Dulux store in Kirkcaldy. The cost to us would be £59.49. It seems unlikely that Fife Council would ever see fit to carry out this work, so I propose that we purchase the necessary materials.

Annex 2: Fife and Forth Valley Community Justice Authority?

FFVCJA aims to reduce the numbers of remands and promote the use of community based disposal as an alternative to short prison sentences; Improve the credibility of community based sentences; Promote partnership working across the CJA partner bodies; Manage and target our resources to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness; Engage more effectively with our communities.)

Annex 3: New Community Education Worker

Lynn Hoey adds that: Aileen Aitken’s overall remit is financial inclusion. She is looking at access to, and possible setting up of, a credit union, and how people with no transport and with limited means can access health, employment support and other services. It is more likely that transport support would be by way of an organised network of volunteer drivers, rather than any dedicated vehicle.



Present: Peter Curry, Sue Hamilton, Trevor Jones, Callum MacInnes, Mandy Littlewood, Kat Tebbutt, Rob Thompson

  1. In attendance: Cllr Callaghan, Kathleen Kirkpatrick, Ian Cruikshanks, Catharine Idle (Paths for All), Clive Allan (Community Payback), Kirsty McAlister (Inner Forth Landscape Initiative), Rory McDonald (Historic Scotland), Tom Leatherland, Doreen Kempsell, Stewart Webster, Bill McKissock, Gaye Mackay, Stephen Swan, Ken Walker, Scott Piatkowski, Mike Brockie, Nan and Phil Whetton, Fiona Thompson, Evelyn Jones, Karen Grant

  1. Apologies: Alex Hill, Geoff Cartwright, Tommy Cuthbert, Suze Anderson,


  1. Minutes of the meeting of 25th November 2014

  1. Chairman stated that he understood that, when he had been out of the room, during the election process at the inaugural meeting, it had been suggested that his attendance at meetings was poor. He acknowledged that he had missed a number of meetings, and apologised for this, but he had undergone three major operations in 14 months.

  2. Rob Thompson wished it recorded at 17(b) that he had requested that the Secretary provided him with copies of the paperwork related to the handrail and path project.

  3. After amendment to this effect, the minutes were accepted as a true record. Proposed: Kat Tebbutt, seconded: Callum MacInnes

  1. Matters Arising from Meeting of 28th October 2014

  1. Junction with A985. The resurfacing and road marking work was completed earlier than expected. Secretary had sought a progress report on other matters: (i) Right turn into village would be assisted by painted kerbs. Amey says ‘we will review the new road markings and also arrange for a member of staff to carry out the right turn manoeuvre into the junction in darkness’. (ii) What wording is planned for the electronic signs? Amey says ‘for each sign, a warning triangle showing an exclamation mark with TURNING TRAFFIC below’ the detector pads will presumably be of sufficient area to detect a car wherever it is halted. (iii) When will we get our ‘keep left’ bollard back? Amey says ‘We will check that this is Amey’s responsibility and if so arrange for the replacement of the bollard’. (iv) What will be done about vegetation on the north side of the A985 between the Limekilns and the Pattiesmuir junctions which restricts the long view of the traffic coming from Rosyth Amey says ‘I recall that this issue has been discussed within Amey in the past and I will ascertain what the view was of our landscaping team and let you know’. Kathleen would find out whether the Estate could help, since some of the vegetation is inside the field.

There was a suggestion that some sort of raised street furniture would help to discourage overtaking and possible collision with vehicles waiting in the central reservation

  1. Parking at The Cairns. Cllr Callaghan had secured an allocation of £7,500 at the Ward 1 meeting. Secretary will follow up with Tam Mowat.

  2. Bus service changes. Another consultation finished in mid-January. This was on the proposal to reduce the subsidised evening service from hourly to once every two hours. Once again, this was not a consultation to identify new routes. In Fife Council correspondence with Annie about her petition, David Henderson (Law and Administration) explained about the new Fife Council petition system. Not many people know about this! It would be advisable to use the format provided if there are plans to petition Fife Council in the future.

  3. Request for ramps for skate-park etc. A delegation from Limekilns visited the Rosyth skate-park, hosted by Neil Currie from Skateboard Scotland. Young people tried out the park using scooters, skate-boards, bikes and roller-skates, as well as a skate-sledge (since it had snowed the night before). We now have plans and dimensions for a few other small skate parks, from the designers - ‘Concreate'. A couple of boys have been collecting names of young people at Woodmill High School and Limekilns Primary School supporting the skate-park and will write-up a review of our visit to Rosyth. Two Dads are going to use the plans to look at possible sites. One of the boys is also using a skate-park design App to develop some ideas for the park.

  4. Gates at Telephone Exchange. Nothing done yet.

  5. Mobile Post Office service. Has yet to start. Secretary phoned today for an update. (Post meeting note: there had been a phone call at 7.30pm, explaining that they were having trouble doing whatever they have to do to get a broadband connection in their van! BT won’t let them connect via the phone box because it no longer belongs to BT!)

  6. Charlestown street lighting. West Area Planning Committee made a site visit before their meeting on 26thNovember. They were accompanied by a bus load of planners from Northern Ireland. They turned back before they got to the end of North Row, because they’d ‘seen as much as they needed to see’. At the subsequent meeting, Councillor Callaghan’s proposal that the streets in the core of the Charlestown Green conservation area be excluded from an approval for the rest of the scheme for modern lighting columns was accepted. She did not name the streets. The names of the streets were to be confirmed at the January meeting. However, at that meeting, officers did not accept that they had omitted Hall Row and Lochaber from the list, only that Cross Row should be called Cross Row and not Half Row. Apparently correcting this detail would involve a whole expensive legal process!

  7. Responses to FifePlan consultation. Secretary had noted that, of some 300 responses to the plan, about one third were comments on the ‘Minerals Plan’, the majority of those being objections to unconventional gas.

  8. Beechgrove Application. Rob does not expect to have a response until the end of January. Residents of The Wellheads expressed concern that they had not been involved in discussions concerning the proposed allotment site. Rob said that things were at an early stage, as ownership of the land was uncertain.

  1. Police Report.

  1. Community policing has been reorganized. Mike Harvey has gone from Oakley. Our Community PCs are Kirsty Orrock and Kev Chandler. There is an intention to attend more Community Council meetings, but they hadn’t taken account of the fact that three CCs meet on the last Tuesday of the month! There is a Police Community Engagement meeting here, tomorrow night at 7pm.

  2. Peter Curry described a surprisingly comprehensive police response to a minor attempt to break in to a vehicle in Brucehaven Road.

  1. Broomhall Estate

Kathleen Kirkpatrick understands that Pattiesmuir residents still wish to meet Broomhall Estate to share information and concerns. Community council is happy to facilitate this meeting.

  1. Inner Forth Landscape Initiative. Proposals for the kilns

  1. Rory McDonald of Historic Scotland and Kirsty McAlister of Inner Forth Landscape Initiative explained that the IFLI has a ‘pot of money’ which will support 50 built heritage and environmental projects over the period 2014 – 2018.

  2. For the kilns, it will mean vegetation removal and ‘targeted consolidation’. Work to be done by Historic Scotland staff, contractors and conservation volunteers

  3. Could use local volunteers for scrub removal and ‘a bit of archaeology’. Also opportunities for volunteers to carry out desk-based history of ‘Forth Crossings’ (all industries, all vessels, all goods). A Sue Mowat does research in this area.

  4. Anyone interested should sign up to receive the IFLI e-newsletter at www.innerforthlandscape.co.uk or contact Kirsty at kirsty.mcalister@rspb.org.uk.

  5. Historic Scotland is coming out of Government and combining with The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland to become ‘Historic Environment Scotland’. There will be changes in the way they work. The kilns project is a first, in that it is working with a private landowner.

  1. War memorial. ‘Paths for All’, Community Payback.

  1. Daffodils have been planted on the banking with Floral Display Group. The soil on the slope seems stable.

  2. Catharine of ‘Paths for All’ had written a useful report. General recommendation is to monitor water flow by construction of some strategically located v-ditches to be filled with Type 1 stone. Recommends that any hard landscaping is left for the time being. It was good to see the landowner, the local authority and the community all ‘on board’ with this project.

  3. The Estate has done some work on drainage on the west side. Breaking through the tarmac on the remains of the old road below the wall at the eastern end will prevent water from ponding here.

  4. Clive Allan from Fife’s Community Payback scheme described the types of projects that are carried out by offenders under supervision. They do painting and decorating, ground clearance, path construction, anything really. They carry out some 500 projects per annum. They have access to machinery. The works suggested at ‘b’ above would be something they could do.

  5. The Sword. An old photo shows a sword mounted vertically on the southern face of the war memorial pillar. It may have been lost on one of the occasions when the memorial fell down. Rob has been investigating the practicality of making and fixing a new one. The War Memorials Trust are interested in funding this. The Community Council could also contribute to the cost. It would be essential for it to be protected with ‘Smartwater’ or similar security measure.

  1. Community Council Engagement Group.

  1. The CCEG work group (members: Mandy Littlewood, Callum Macinnes, Kat Tebbutt, Tommy Cuthbert) has met twice.

  2. The main aims of the CCEG are to:

  • Engage the wider community : particularly those not involved so far and those not on social media

  • Ease the burden on the Secretary

  • Publicise what the CC does

  • Let people know what the CC can and has achieved

  • Improve communication between CC and community groups and between and among community groups (e.g. community diary)

  1. Next steps for the CCEG

  • Village Link – contribute Community Council news each quarter.

  • Community list - finalise an email asking various groups to opt into email group and village on-line diary

  1. Medium to longer-term –

  • To develop and action a community development strategy – looking at engaging young people and older people in particular

  • Source funding for different strands of work (e.g. surveys, events, youth forum)

  1. Chairman suggested that it might be useful to link up with Fife’s D of E organisation. Secretary said there is a village directory with contacts for all village organisations. Meeting commended the initiative taken by this group

  1. Treasurer’s Report.

  1. Balances are as follows: BoS £993.09; Nationwide account £1712.87; RFRD £1072.56.

  2. Data protection registration. Invoice received for annual data protection registration. This £35 is reimbursed by Fife Council.

  3. Signatories to the account. The Bank of Scotland has not been very good at keeping account signatories up to date. They have decided to tighten up their procedures. A new mandate form is being sent to the Treasurer.

  4. Suze Anderson has intimated that she is planning to move house out of the area, so will have to resign as Community Council Treasurer.

  5. Expenditure of grant. We'll be getting to the end of financial year soon. Of the £596.32 FC grant we got last year, only £91 has been spent. The grant application form states that if less than 80% of the grant has been spent we need to say what the surplus is for.  A contribution to the war memorial sword will form part of this expenditure. Benches are always valued by the community. If Janice and Jimmy’s plans to sell the Sutlery business come to fruition we will need to co-ordinate a community thank-you for their huge contribution to village life.

  1. Secretary’s Report

  1. Land at Primrose. Masterton Estates have put their strip of land along the A985 between Pattiesmuir and Rosyth on the market.

  2. Rosyth Churchyard Gate. The latch is faulty and prevents access into the Churchyard.

  3. Planning Democracy conference is holding a conference on 25th April. It has also lodged a petition with the Scottish parliament to suggest an equal right of appeal for communities.

  4. Queen’s Hall AGM. This coming Thursday.

  5. Conservation Area policy review? Secretary had heard a rumour that Fife Council were going to review their Conservation Area policy and tighten up on windows. She thought this would be difficult if Fife Council is to continue installing modern lighting columns.

  6. Forth Replacement Crossing presentations today and tomorrow at the Education Centre in South Queensferry.

  1. Councillor

Nothing further to report

  1. AOCB

Secretary had received a complaint about the state of the road surface at North Loanhead and South Loanhead. She will pass this on.

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 24th February 2015 at the Gellet Hall.




Present: Peter Curry Sue Hamilton, Lesley Scott, Callum MacInnes, Alex Hill, Mandy Littlewood, Kat Tebbutt, Annie Nally, Tommy Cuthbert, Trevor Jones, Rob Thompson

In attendance: Cllrs Callaghan and Stewart, Ian Cruikshanks, Christine Forrester, Fiona Thompson, Evelyn Jones, Malcolm Hamilton, Christine Donnelly, Catharine Idle,

  1. Apologies: Geoff Cartwright, Suze Anderson, Tom Leatherland, DoreenKempsell

  2. Welcome

Cllr Callaghan took the Chair and welcomed everyone, particularly newly-elected Community Councillors, to the inaugural meeting of the new Community Council. She proceeded to the election of a Chairman.

  1. Appointment of Chairman

Peter Curry.  Proposed: Sue Hamilton,  Seconded: Kat Tebbutt.

Alex Hill.  Proposed: Rob Thompson. When asked if he wished to be nominated, Alex Hill said he did not.  Peter Curry, being the only nomination, the meeting agreed that Peter Curry be appointed Chairman. Peter Curry took the Chair.

  1. Appointment of Vice Chairman

Alex Hill. Proposed: Peter Curry, Seconded Callum MacInnes. This being the only nomination, the meeting agreed that Alex Hill be appointed Vice Chairman

  1. Appointment of Secretary

Sue Hamilton. Proposed Peter Curry, seconded Alex Hill. This being the only nomination, the meeting agreed that Sue Hamilton be appointed Secretary

  1. Appointment of Treasurer

Suze Anderson. Proposed: Sue Hamilton, seconded Lesley Scott. This being the only nomination, the meeting agreed that Suze Anderson be appointed Treasurer.

  1. Information for Members

The Secretary gave a presentation on the purpose, relationships, and funding of the Community Council. Secretary agreed to attach this to the minute of the meeting. Chairman emphasized that the Community Council generally works by consensus and does not vote on everything. Our business is to represent all the views of the community – which may be divergent – and express an agreed way forward if possible!

  1. Co-option of Members.

Tom Scott had stood down from his co-opted role in representing the issues of concern to residents of Grange Road. Secretary will write him a formal note of thanks. Suze Anderson was co-opted to continue in the role Treasurer. Iain Cruikshanks is happy to continue as a representative of local businesses.

Before proceeding to ordinary business, the Chairman noted the full agenda and reminded the meeting that meetings were intended to last for around 90 minutes. He proposed that, after 120 minutes, he would ask if it was the will of the meeting to continue beyond this time.

  1. Minutes of the meeting of 28th October 2014

After insertion of an item about the commencement of the Estate shooting season, the minutes were agreed as a true record. Proposed Alex Hill, Seconded Lesley Scott

  1. Matters Arising from Meeting of 28th October 2014

  1. Junction with A985. Secretary has been informed by Amey that the promised resurfacing and road marking work will be carried out on the nights of 4th and 5th December.

  2. Parking at The Cairns. Cllr Callaghan had site meeting with Tam Mowat of Fife Council, and a site meeting with the Secretary this morning. Cllr Callaghan will seek funding for this at the next Ward 1 meeting.

  3. Bus service changes. Annie has collected around 300 signatures on the petition which she will present to Fife Council officers who deal with bus services. Secretary understands that the service requested would need to be provided by Stagecoach. The number 6 service has survived because it doubles as the school bus – which is why there are gaps in the timetable, morning and afternoon, and also why it is a double decker (which, surprisingly, have similar fuel ‘economy’ to single deckers). The consultation in the summer had been about the existing Fife Council subsidised services, rather than about new routes.

  4. Lime Centre Yard project. Secretary had been told by Ros Artis that the Lime Centre is no longer progressing the ‘Yard’ project at this time.

  5. Request for ramps for skate park etc. Mandy still investigating costs. Need to involve the young folk in development of ideas. She is considering the training of the Explorers as ‘peer researchers’ who could gain a better understanding of the needs and wants of the age group(s). Age group considerations are important to address potential conflict

  6. Boundary at Douglas Bank Cemetery. No report back from Bereavement Services, but Rob says trimmed brushwood has been ‘woven’ into the gaps in the hedge, giving it a generally tidier appearance.

  7. Gates at Telephone Exchange. There had been a site visit today and a decision to renew the gates.

  8. Mobile Post Office consultation. Secretary had written about our concerns with security of the vehicle, and the possible impact on Charlestown Post Office. Post Office had replied that security of the vehicles is well-managed, and that there is likely to be little impact on Charlestown PO.

  9. Charlestown street lighting. West Area Planning Committee is to make a site visit tomorrow before their meeting.

  10. Secretary had attended ‘Unearthed’, a film about the effects of unconventional gas operations. It provided much food for thought.

  1. Police Report. No contact or report from Police.

  1. Broomhall Estate

Kathleen Kirkpatrick will organise a meeting with Pattiesmuir residents.

  1. FifePLAN consultation ends 8th December. Secretary emphasized that the Local Plan determines development for the next n years. Rob said there is probably a ‘hook’ upon which to hang a comment about Fracking. Secretary thanked him for the observation and asked if he could find the reference to the possible ‘hook’.

  1. Treasurer's Report

  1. Following payments for Secretary’s expenses and Remembrance Day wreath, balances are as follows: BoS £993.09; Nationwide account £1712.87; RFRD £1072.24.

  2. Rob Thompson asked about the rules for receiving the annual grant from Fife Council. In order to receive it, we have to have spent at least 80% of the previous year’s grant. The Community Council holds modest accumulated funds. Such funds were available last year to contribute to the cost of the community noticeboards.

  1. Secretary's Report.

  1. Fibre broadband has come to the villages earlier than expected. Service providers will provide detailed information as to how you can be connected.

  2. On Site’, a firm of contractors are carrying out a comprehensive sewer survey in the villages. One of the pumping stations apparently had so much hydrogen sulphide that they couldn’t complete the work at that location. Secretary had phoned Scottish Water for more information, but they had none. Apparently ‘On Site’ are contractors to contractors to Scottish Water!

  3. Secretary has reported the ‘keep left’ bollard which has gone missing from the Limekilns junction.

  4. Information received from Paths for All about training courses they are running next year. Catharine Idle, who lives in Charlestown and works for Paths for All explained that the training was in ground survey and path construction.

  1. Councillors

  1. Cllr Callaghan had given a talk at the College Club about the work of a Councillor.

  2. Cllr Stewart had, recently, been stuck behind a long vehicle which was stuck on Merryhill Bridge, having followed SatNav instructions. Others had experienced similar events. Secretary will ask if we can have signs which restrict access for vehicles above a certain size.

  3. There is to be a consultation on Fife Council’s draft budget. Choices have to be made about budget cuts. Cllr Callaghan provided a paper copy of the Draft Budget.

  4. There are also plans afoot to reduce the length of teaching contact time for all pupils in Fife. (Post meeting note: Secretary has tried to find out more: During the second half of November, there were just 8 meetings in the whole of Fife to inform parents what is being considered. For Woodmill, St Columba’s, Dunfermline High, Queen Anne, and Inverkeithing High, there were just two possible meetings, on the 20th and 27th November (both Thursday). There is no formal consultation period notified on the Fife Direct web site.) There are also plans to close more school kitchens.

  5. Cllr Stewart said several West Fife Villages had not yet re-established Community Councils, following recent elections. The Community Council Forum is therefore currently under strength. Tommy Cuthbert volunteered to attend meetings on our behalf which was agreed. It would be the appropriate forum for discussion of wider issues such as Unconventional Gas extraction.

  1. Discussion of proposal (Rob Thompson)

  1. Rob Thompson presented two written proposals to the Community Council. These had been emailed to members yesterday and today.

  2. One arose from his request, at the last meeting, for funding to repair the path on the east side of the War Memorial. The proposal presented had two elements – drainage on the west side and enhancing the area surrounding the War Memorial. A number of questions were put about the need for the works, the various parties named as contributing materials and labour, how ten tonnes of shale would be held on the sloping ground, whose decision it would be as to what was appropriate hard landscaping around the War Memorial. The proposal was that the Community Council might contribute the cost of grass seed @£62 and storm drain channel @£60. There was a further suggestion that the Community Council might fund ‘Spanish White chips’ @£180. (Secretary stated that she, personally, would be totally opposed to the latter, as being out of keeping with the informality of the site).

  3. Chairman thanked Rob for his proposal. He stated that a number of parties had an interest in the War Memorial, not least Fife Council, who have a statutory duty to maintain it, the landowner, as well as the whole population of the villages, who hold the site in great affection as well as others such as the British Legion. Everyone needs to feel comfortable with any changes that are made. It seems that an Action Group reporting to the Community Council might be the best vehicle for delivering any work here.

  4. Catharine Idle volunteered to meet Rob on site tomorrow. She has experience of distinguishing between drainage and maintenance on the one hand, and reconstruction on the other. She will produce a report for the Community Council after this meeting. She was thanked by the Chairman.

  5. Malcolm Hamilton said that two different individuals had told him how much they appreciated the recent provision of the path and handrail to the west side when they attended the Remembrance commemoration.

  6. The second proposal which Rob presented was an application to Beechgrove Community Gardens which needed to be submitted two days hence. It was a proposal for three community mini-orchards at several locations, and the creation of allotments on vacant land between Wellheads and Upper Wellheads. It also included proposals for decorative planting at the War Memorial. All the pieces of land are in the ownership of Broomhall Estate. He had spoken to various folk in different organisations and suggested that there was a groundswell of people in the villages who supported the proposal. Some could not understand why there was a rush to submit an application this year. Concerns were expressed about the planting of garden plants at the War memorial, since it is already something of a wild flower meadow in May and June after the informal scatter of daffodils has died down. Catharine suggested an organisation called ‘Grow Wild’ as an excellent source of advice for communities seeking to increase biodiversity by growing wild flowers

  7. In the Chairman’s summing up of a long discussion, he suggested that the mini-orchards and allotments were relatively non-controversial, but that inclusion of the War Memorial makes the application much more complex.

  8. Rob will redraft the application taking the foregoing discussion into account. The application will be in his name, under the umbrella of the Floral Displays Group.




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