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The Royal Burgh of Culross Community Council

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 6th May, 2019, 2018 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 1st April, 2019, 2018 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 4th February, 2019, 2018 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 3rd December, 2018, 2018 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 5th November, 2018, 2018 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 1st October, 2018, 2018 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 4th June, 2018, 2018 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 7th May, 2018, 2018 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 9th April 2018, 2018 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 5th March 2018, 2018 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 29th January, 2018 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 4th December, 2017 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 6th November, 2017 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on October, 2017 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 4th September, 2017 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 5th June, 2017 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 8th May, 2017 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 3rd April, 2017 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 6th March, 2017 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 13th February, 2017 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 5th December, 2016 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 7th November, 2016 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 5th September, 2016 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 20th June, 2016 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 9th May, 2016 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 4th April, 2016 (PDF file)

Minutes of Meeting of the Council on 7th March, 2016 (PDF file)



































Minute of Ordinary Meeting of the Council on 5th December 2011

(PDF file)


Community Action Plan: “Quick Fixes”



Community Action Plan: “Quick Fixes”



The Royal Burgh of Culross Community Council - Statement of accounts September 2011


Minute of Extra-Ordinary Meeting of the Council on Monday 11th July 2011


Community Action Plan: “Quick Fixes”




March 2011 minutes (PDF file)

February 2011 minutes (PDF file)

December 2010 minutes (PDF file)

Minute of the meeting held in the Town House
On Monday 1st November 2010 at 7.30pm

Attendees :- In Attendance :-
David Alexander Cllr Willie Fergusson
Jean Carwardine Roy MacCormack
Martin McNair Diane MacKenzie
Robert Nelson Liz Duff
Clare Short Ken Lamb
Isabelle Jeffery
Susan Bell (Minutes Secretary) Apologies :-
Andrew Brown

Election of Office Holders for the New Culross Community Council
Cllr Ferguson welcomed everyone and opened the meeting by asking for nominations and/or volunteers for the four ‘Office Holder’ posts. The following were unanimously elected:

Chairman: Martin McNair
Vice-Chairman: David Alexander
Treasurer: Robert Nelson
Secretary: Clare Short

The new Chairman agreed that the previous arrangement – whereby all mail is dealt with by a Correspondence Secretary and a record of meetings is made by a Minutes Secretary - should continue. Clare and Susan, respectively, will undertake these roles.

The Committee also agreed that other village residents would be welcome to join, as co-opted members, on an ad-hoc basis. This may be, for example, in order for them to undertake specific, designated responsibilities from time to time. They would not assume voting rights. This evening Diane and Roy were so co-opted. There was some discussion about the Constitution, and where this could be found.

Action 1: Martin to source a copy of the Constitution.

[post-meeting note: Susan has found an old Constitution – attached - within paperwork passed to her by previous Office Holder. Doesn’t know its currency].

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 6th September 2010

Proposed by Ken and seconded by Clare.

Martin asked whether previous Chairmen had gone through the Minutes each meeting. Susan replied that she extracts all of the ‘Matters Arising’ onto a Table of Actions. Updates (on each action) are recorded at each meeting and, as the actions are completed, they are deleted from the table thus keeping it current. This system enables the Chairman to monitor progress of all outstanding business, and to maintain a proper ‘audit trail’, without having to go through previous Minutes each time.

Clare asked about timing of Minutes distribution: Susan said she tries to issue draft Minutes, to CCC members only, within two days of the meeting. She asks that any proposed amendments / additions / deletions be returned to her by the end of the weekend. She then posts a final version, to the wider distribution list & to the notice board, at the beginning of the next week.

Martin said that this meeting would follow the draft Agenda provided by Susan (attached, Annex A). But, following his election as Chairman, he will draw up future Agenda to reflect the objectives of the new Committee.

1. Matters Arising
See Table (attached, Annex B) for update on previous Actions, and for re-assignation of responsibility for those actions.

2. Treasurer’s Report
Liz advised that, aside from her report (attached, Annex C), there will be two further cheque payments to be made, both to herself, for: (1) the poppy wreath and (2) the auditor’s gift. She noted the £2000 donation from Vita Ray (filming company), which she has banked in the Environment fund. She advised the new CCC that 75-80% of the Council grants must be spent if future years’ grants are not to be jeopardised. We have to apply for those grants – they send a letter about this. We don’t have to make a case in support of our bids; the grants are standard amounts, derived per capita of population. Diane asked whether any substantive payments have been made from CCC Current account? Liz replied that the difficulty had been in attracting bids for these resources. The only regular ones are insurance for the Gala Committee, poppy wreath etc (about 5 items in total). Occasionally there have been bids (eg for the Senior Citizens) but this has been exceptional. Diane also asked about any material expenditure from the Environmental Fund? Liz explained that some bids (eg football strips; bedding planting) had been turned down as being insufficiently permanent or to the benefit of all. We did look at what could be done for young people, but this came to nothing: have never agreed on any projects.

3. Cllr Ferguson
Willie asked who would represent the CCC at various [outside] meetings, and the following accepted their nominations:

Ash Lagoons / Environmental Forum: Robert
West Fife Village Forum: Martin & Clare
Police Consultation: David

There was some discussion about how to ensure that all village groups & organisations (including CDT, Youth Club, Church, Toddlers’, Gala Committee & School) had adequate representation on, or conduit to, the CCC. And, also, how to best manage those issues most likely to crop up frequently. It was decided that various members of CCC should adopt responsibility for particular items, as follows:

Lighting & Roads: Martin
Environmental Projects & Planting: Roy
Planning & Buildings: Isabelle

Martin said he hoped that any issues arising would be resolved quickly: he envisaged more ‘between-meetings’ activity (a visit here, or a telephone call there) and also wished to avoid matters drifting on, from one meeting to another.

4. Objectives & Activities
Roy said care was needed to ensure that some members were not overloaded, and asked what everyone else (who had not assumed responsibility for Office &/or Actions) was going to do. Martin suggested that all present say why they had joined and what they hoped to achieve. To summarise, there was a common enthusiasm to improve communication within the village and for this Committee to identify and to pursue issues requiring our collective action.

Liz (former Treasurer) wished the new Committee well, and said how good it was to see the enthusiasm.

5. A.O.B.

1. Susan outlined Dunfermline & Coast Association of Community Council (DACACC’s) invitation to attend. CCC discussed, but concluded that the West Fife Village Forum, which we attend regularly, met our requirements well enough.
Action 2: Susan to decline DACACC’s invitation to meetings.

2. David asked if there were any issues to raise at the next Police Consultation meeting? Willie said that last time it had been parking, & so there may be some feedback from that. It was also suggested that the break-ins be mentioned.

3. Susan passed on request for Chairman to provide a paragraph for the newsletter to be published shortly. Martin offered to do this, though noting that – for this time – it may be little more than a list of new Committee’s members. (Diane said she would let Editor know).
Action 3: Martin to submit Chairman’s newsletter paragraph to Editor.

4. Willie asked about the Remembrance Sunday service? Robert said he will liaise with Minister, and place the wreath.

Action 4: Robert to make & carry out arrangements for CCC representation at Remembrance Sunday service.

5. Robert, referring to Susan’s earlier aside about fear of walking to/from car-park in the dark, asked whether this is not an issue for the village? Willie said that it is a lighting problem, but also that it may be a perceived (rather than an actual) problem. Diane suggested that people often come with problems, and perhaps we should ask them if they could propose solutions as well.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 10.00 pm.


The Royal Burgh of Culross Community Council

Minute of the meeting held in the Town House
On Monday 4th October 2010 at 7.30pm

Attendees :- In Attendance :-
Derek Burns (Chair) Cllr Willie Fergusson
Dilys Livingstone (Vice Chair) George Connelly
Ken Lamb (Correspondence Secretary) David Alexander
Susan Bell (Minutes Secretary) Jean Cowardine
Marilyn Dennison Martin McNair
Liz Duff Robert Nelson
Martin Jackson Clare Short

Apologies :- Marion Lamb

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 6th September 2010
Proposed by Marilyn and seconded by Liz.

1. Matters Arising
See Table (attached) for update on previous Actions.
Further to Action 4, 10 May 10 (‘Dispersal of CCC Funds’) Robert advised they had further investigated the Slate Loan flooding problem. It appears that the East side is reasonably clear, but that there is an egress problem through a manhole-type cover at the West. And so the problem may not, as previously thought, be an undersized pipe. He hopes to contact the foreman in charge of the old working party who installed it, to ascertain how it was engineered.

2. Police Matters
Marilyn had (again) attended the last consultation meeting. It was agreed there that the problem of youths at High Valleyfield had to take priority, given that a school had been burnt. However, parking in Culross will still be considered.
Derek advised that a chiminea had been stolen from the garden of a resident. As access was only from McDonald’s Lands, and as it had happened on the evening of an ‘event’, it is likely that local(s) were responsible.
The next meeting will not be in the Stables, as before, but in Low Valleyfield (Lagoon) Station office; dates are on village notice board.

3. Correspondence Received
Ken provided the following resume:

a. "Caring Together" The Scottish Government's New Carers Strategy for 2010 – 2011. The "Caring Together" information sessions will take place on Monday 11th October 2010 in Committee Room 1 at Fife House. Forwarded to Susan who will try to attend.b. Formal Consultation - Fife Local Housing Strategy 2010-15.. The Local Housing Strategy is Fife’s leading strategic housing statement, incorporating a range of approaches to address the diverse housing needs and aspirations of Fife’s communities. Link to questionnaire on Fife Direct site. Forwarded 13 Sep 10.
c. Police in the Community Programme 2010. Participants experience some of the highlights of police training and are exposed to the operations of Fife Constabulary. The course this year it will be held at Inverkeithing High School.
Forwarded for info 13 Sep 10. d. Review of Scheme for Community Councils. Following the second consultation, a report was submitted to the Council's Policy, Finance & Asset Management Committee,
advising of representations received and proposed responses.  The Committee approved the recommendations but further amendments have now to be made in accordance with the PFAM decisions and adverts will appear in local papers advising of this third phase. Forwarded 15 Sep 10. See also 7.

e. Repeat of previous survey on: the General Hospital and Maternity Services Project requesting suggestions for Departmental names for the new wing at Victoria Hospital which would be easily recognised by patients/visitors/staff. Answered on web.

f. Community Health Partnership (CHD). The CHD Clinical Group are seeking a Public Representation to join their group. Forwarded 16 Sep 10.

g. Review of Scheme for Community Councils - Third Stage. The Consultation period has been extended beyond the statutory requirement in view of the current elections and will conclude on 5 Nov10. Adverts will shortly be appearing in the local papers advising of the commencement of the third and final phase of consultation. Forwarded 04 Oct 10.

h. General Hospital and Maternity Services Newsletter - Summer 2010 Issue 4. Explains the developments which will be carried out at both Queen Margaret Hospital, Dunfermline and Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy over the next several years. Forwarded for info 04 Oct 10.

Additionally, Ken said there had been an enquiry from Helen MacKenzie of Fife Licensing Board asking whether we wanted to retain the license against the public consumption of alcohol (in the Square). It was agreed that we did. Ken will respond.
He also said he had been notified of a meeting to be held about affordable housing – no-one had any comments to submit.
Finally, he passed on Fife Council’s request for notification of the date, time & venue of the inaugural meeting of the new Council. [post-meeting note: Susan emailed reply on 5th Oct).

4. Councillor Ferguson’s Report
Willie said what a pleasure it had been to work with the ‘old’ Council members. He strongly recommended that the new Council ensures it is represented at the ‘West Fife Villages Forum’ (a role previously undertaken by Marilyn). Similarly, he recommends a presence on the ‘Ash Lagoons Committee’ and the ‘Trustees & Legacies’ body.

5. Treasurer’s Report

[See copy of Accounts, attached].
Liz noted that £300 will be added to current account, as Fife Council has reimbursed £100 (for Farmers’ Mkt / CDT day) and £200 (for benches).
Robert asked whether the two accounts listed form the total of CCC funds, and Derek replied that they do. Robert asked about the source of the >£3k? Derek explained that the Environmental fund had been a surplus after the works done to the Square some years ago. He described how numerous invitations for bids (for funding), eg via Newsletter, had not resulted in any properly detailed submissions.

Derek said the film company had indicated a donation of £2000 will be made to the CCC in recognition of the support offered by the village (& the inconvenience suffered). George asked if that was comparable to previous payments, and Derek said that £500 had been offered for the previous filming (which was for much shorter period of time). The Tay/Fife Council film section had suggested a figure of £1500-2000 as being reasonable. Derek also noted that the village & surrounding area was benefiting from additional expenditure by the film company (hotels & other businesses). Robert asked whether the offer was in writing, and Derek said it was not. [post-meeting note: Vita Ray emailed confirmation of the offer on 6th Oct 10].

6. Chairman’s Report
a. Filming: Derek noted two public meetings had been held (both fairly sparsely attended – fewer than 20 people in total). Individual households most closely affected have been consulted on whether they would like to remain in situ or to be put up in hotel (or with friends / family) – costs & compensation are being offered. People whose property requires some alteration (eg painting drainpipes, removal of plants) are to be offered a standard sum for the inconvenience, and all work will be done by the film company’s contractors, and will be properly re-instated.
George asked whether any damage would be covered? Derek confirmed that the company has full public liability insurance, and have agreed to make good any damage. A walkabout is to be conducted in which any extant damage will be noted (so that they are not asked to fix ‘old’ problems). Derek asked that anyone who observes any damage occurring during the location work draws this to CCC attention, so that suitable remedial action can be taken.
About 150 people are involved in the location work; the film company is presently looking at traffic management and where to park the various large kits needed. He reiterated that there will be generators, wind machines, lorries etc and said that the company have been careful not to understate the disruption to the village.
He’s happy to answer any questions that may arise (& advised that the Location Managers are now working out of the offices on the ground floor of the Town House).

b. Rights of Way (RoW): Derek said that the RoW Society had been in the village and will be replacing the signage. They’re looking for a volunteer to ‘adopt’ the RoW – to keep an eye on them & report any problems. Robert asked who are the RoW Society? Derek didn’t know. Robert said the leaflets in the Post Office are by the ‘Culross RoW Society’. Derek asked if there was a contact point named in the leaflet? No. Robert’s concerns relate to the difficulties which arose last year; the situation with the Core Path has proved contentious for many Land Owners, and there are issues here in Culross with the ‘dual’ path leading down to the village. He wanted to know who to contact if you disagree with the RoWs as shown? Derek replied that, presently, there is no-one in Culross who is aligned to the Scottish RoW Society, but suggested that Robert contacts that group in the first instance. He added that Culross RoW Society is not a part of Culross Community Council. Derek offered to send to Robert a map of Culross paths that had been sent (to him) by Chris H, of ScotWays.
Dilys said that Fife Council holds a register of numbered ‘RoWs’. Liz suggested that, if Roy’s name is on the leaflets, Robert might write to him? Robert said he had tried to contact him, but had not been successful.

c. Association of Community Councils: Derek said we had been invited to join but that he had attended two and concluded there was little benefit from doing so. Similarly DACACC (Dunfermline & Coast Association of Community Councils) – we are invited to their meetings but these are very poorly attended. Their Chairman has recently written seeking more involvement - only 4 had attended last time. Susan added she’d gone: the only other three attendees were the ‘office-holders’ (Chair, Treasurer and Minutes Sec). New CCC will need to decide whether to send representation. Willie reminded everyone about West Fife Village Forum too, and Derek said that it will be for the new Council to decide who (if anyone) attends.

d. Statutory Consultation (item ‘g’ on Ken’s list): Derek reminded all that views (if any) are required by 5th November.

e. There has been a note from Lynn Hoey about the broken paving stones in the Square. She is aware of the problem – needs to source the right materials; given that no Health & Safety implications, she’s waited until after summer visitors’ period before taking action.

7. A.O.B.

a. Susan asked all new members of CCC to let her have email addresses, for easier communication of Minutes etc. (Robert & Jean presently do not have email addresses, so Susan will drop both Drafts & Finals off by hand – or in post – for now).
b. Willie asked if anyone has ordered the poppy wreath (for Remembrance Sunday)? Derek said no, and that the new Chairman will need to make the necessary arrangements for the service.
c. Derek concluded by thanking all of the ‘old’ Council for their help and support. He added that, while he will not be attending future meetings, he will be happy to give his views if these are sought at any time in the future.
d. All supported Liz’s vote of thanks to Derek for his Chairmanship of the Council.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.00 pm.



The Royal Burgh of Culross Community Council

Minute of the meeting held in the Town House
On Monday 6th September 2010 at 7.30pm

Attendees :- Dilys Livingstone (Vice Chair) Ken Lamb (Correspondence Secretary) Susan Bell (Minutes Secretary) Marilyn Dennison Liz Duff Marion Lamb Martin Jackson Judy Jackson

Apologies :- Derek Burns (Chairman) Cllr Willie Fergusson

In Attendance :- Robert Nelson

1. Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 7th June 2010
Proposed by Marion and seconded by Ken.

2. Matters Arising

3. Police Matters

Marilyn advised that again, from Culross, only she & Babs had attended the Police consultation meetings at the Stables. She reminded us that – since more people attend from other villages, and that priorities are decided on a vote – Culross is missing an opportunity to have its own issues addressed. [The next meeting is tomorrow, 7th June]. Willie also attends.

4. Correspondence Received

a. Scottish Government Blue Badge Reform Consultation document. Copy sent out by E Mail, response made on behalf of Susan and I on 20th July. Marilyn responded separately.

b. Working Together to Create Healthy Environments Conference on 28 Sep10. . Forwarded 12 July. No known bids.

c. Community Council Support Working Group held on 10 June 10 copy of the minutes of that meeting. Forwarded 12 July 10.

d. Info on website www.dunfermlinefife.co.uk a community based site for local people and visitors of the Dunfermline area. You are welcome to contribute any worthy function of any sort, even if it's just a Church Fete. Forwarded 14 July 10

e. Permitted Development Rights for Microgeneration Equipment on Non-Domestic Properties. A consultation inviting views on the thresholds for microgeneration equipment on non-domestic properties - from 15 July to 8 October10. NB Permitted development rights will allow the installation of microgeneration equipment without the need to first submit a planning application to the relevant planning authority and gain planning permission. However other consents, such as a building warrant will still be required. Forwarded 15 July with suggestion we discuss at Sep meeting.

f. Review of Scheme for Community Councils in Fife. NIL return submitted 21 July. See also Para 2, next meeting Community Council Support Working Group.

g. DWF CHP Website - Public Representative Opportunity. Forwarded 20 July

h. E-Mail from Scott McMaster NTS Property Manager of Culross Palace in response to our letter volunteering to take over support to allow earlier opening. He wishes to meet with us to discuss assistance. Fwd by E Mail 21 July. Need for response and invite.

i. E Mail regarding Culross Rights of Ways & Heritage Paths wrt Dunimarle Castle. Forwarded to Derek, copy of his E Mail below as Derek on holiday.

“There were discussions and it was agreed that the original path should be opened and that both paths should be made available. We agreed to this as long as the paths were kept in a reasonable condition. It was also agreed that notices could be put up to indicate a preference for using the westerly path.
Monitoring the situation has indicated that progress had been slow, so it is good that you came along and have highlighted it again.
As far as a volunteer to represent the local views, we will discuss this at our next meeting in September and ask for such a person to contact you.
We have discussed the production of a map to be made available for local people and visitors. The community council has funds which it could use to provide that leaflet if we can get a master copy from yourself.”

j. Summary of the Care 21 Findings for Fife forwarded 02 Aug.

k. Correspondence from the ASCC regarding the Area Elections. Forwarded to Derek. 02 Aug.

l. Consultation on the Regulation of Independent Healthcare Services in Scotland. Responses required by 08 Oct. Forwarded 02 Aug.

m. British Sign Language Bill Consultation Responses by 29 Oct. Fwd 02 Aug 10.

n. NHS Fife Public Partner Event 'A New Beginning'. Consultation papers forwarded 02 Aug (reply by end Aug). Further booking papers fwd 03 Aug.

o. Consultation on a Statement of Complaints Handling Principles and Guidance on a Model Complaints Handling Procedure. Fwd 02 Aug 10, responses by 8 Sep 10.

p. Cabinet Secretary's announcement regarding the transfer of the delivery of support for Community Facilities and Services and Local Collaborative Strategies. Fife's allocation for the new measures is £0.46m. Fwd for info 05 Aug10.

q. DWF CHP General Practice & Primary Care Group - Request for Public Representation. Bids by 02 Sep. fwd 06 Aug 10.

r. Spiritual Care Committee Social Programme and Lunch Wed 22 Sept 10 Fwd 17 Aug 10.

s. Review of Polling Places.. The period of consultation ends on Friday 1st October when all correspondence received will be available for public inspection. Fwd 26 Aug 10.

t. Flyer advertising an NHS Fife Telehealth Event on Tuesday 28th September 2010 at Queen Margaret Hospital. Fwd 01 Sep 10.

u. A reminder of the social programme and lunch being held by the NHS Fife Spiritual Care Committee on Wed 22 Sept 10, at Lynebank Hospital. Fwd 26 Aug 10,

v. Cardiac Rehabilitation Interest Group Scotland (CRIGS ) Conference - 19Nov10. Fwd 01 Sep 10. Reponses by 8 Nov 10.

w. A meeting of the Community Council Support Working Group will take place on Thursday, 09 Sept 10. A copy of the agenda and reports fwd 02 Sep 10. Includes:
• Training for Community Councils;
• Scheme for Community Councils in Fife – Complaints procedure;
• Review of the Scheme for Community Councils;
• Details of complaints regarding Community Councils or individual Community Councillors since the last Community Council elections in Oct 07;
• Comments received in response to the second statutory consultation on the Review of the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils in Fife.

x. Flyer for event entitled ‘Voices Scotland - Delivering Change' Conference taking place on the 28 Feb 11 at the Glasgow Crowne Plaza. The conference will be hosted by Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland with support from the Scottish Government. Fwd 02 Sep10.

y. On 24th Aug the Local Community Planning Support Officer, on behalf of Fife Council’s Funding & Monitoring Team, forwarded a link to the Bike Club:

z. Earlier in August Babs McCool advised that the Sound & Light show – originally scheduled for October (as per Minutes of April CCC) - will now not take place in Culross after all.

5. Councillor Ferguson’s Report
Willie not able to attend this evening.

6. Treasurer’s Report

Liz provided Statements of Accounts for both the Current and Environmental Projects accounts (see attached). She noted there had been an error (of £10) which had arisen when a cheque, issued sometime ago, was presented very late, resulting in an overdraw. Happily the bank had not applied charges. She advised of two payments to be made shortly: £10 for Correspondence Secretary’s expenses and £30 towards benches.

7. Chairman’s Report

None, as Derek unable to attend.

8. A.O.B.

a. Martin advised that he had been saddened to read of the death (aged 67) of Jackie Sinclair. Born in Culross, Jackie had begun his footballing career at Dunfermline Athletic; he moved to Leicester City & later started playing for Newcastle United in January 1968. He was best remembered on Tyneside for his role, that year, in the Fairs Cup semi-final against Rangers.

b. Ken noted the Community Council Support Working Group is due to meet shortly. In light of the fact that Community Councillors are not permitted to attend, even as observers, he suggested we may want to read the associated papers (which he had forwarded), and make any comments to them in writing.

c. Marilyn said that at the Carbon Capture meeting (26th July) she had learnt of the joint initiative between Scottish Power, National Grid & Shell which proposes to send a pipeline to the North Sea. It will go towards Stirling, and is unlikely to affect Culross. But this proposal is one of several, in competition, and no final decisions have been taken.
Marilyn also asked how many, if any, names had been put forward for the Community Council elections. Dilys asked whether anybody had been out canvassing for candidates. Marion believed that all the groups in the village had been asked, but no-one knew how many would stand. Martin said that he, also, had decided to stand down. [This means that – of the present Council – only Susan is now standing).
ACTION 1: Dilys to write to Fife Council’s Election Officer to ascertain how many nominations have been submitted by the Closing Date.
There followed some debate about the future of CCC if insufficient nominations were made. (It was thought that 4 or 5 would constitute a ‘quorum’). Dilys noted the importance of Community Council’s role in local democracy, and how many initiatives are now cascaded through that body. Susan said that, while she is happy to continue, she does harbour doubts about this Council’s effectiveness: she would struggle to cite any constructive output during the year she’d served. Ken agreed the need for realistic and honest acknowledgement of what CCC was achieving, particularly given the lack of response from the main bodies on which we depend for action.
d. Dilys asked about the arrangements for proposed filming in Culross in October. Susan said that Derek, Liz & she had walked around affected areas with two reps of film company last week. Flyers were issued, yesterday, to all houses & businesses in Culross advising that two public consultation meetings, in Stephen Memorial Hall, have been arranged for 4pm and 7.30pm next Friday 17th September. In addition, the film company has arranged to meet Fife Council, the police & other interested authorities this Friday, at 1.30pm in New City House, 1 Edgar St, Dunfermline. (Liz & Susan will both attend this meeting). Marilyn asked about compensation to be offered to appropriate households. Susan said Fin (film co rep) had mentioned £100 as a possible figure, though the actual amount will depend on the level of disruption. Marilyn also asked whether the decision had been taken that filming is to go ahead. Susan replied that it will depend on the outcome of the three meetings (above). Dilys sought assurance that activities would be carefully managed: Susan said that Fin had assured her that they have extensive experience of working in similarly historic locations (as well as in – eg – the confines of Central London, which brings its own problems). Pat Rambaud had assured Derek that, based on her dealings with this company, she judges them to be a suitable firm with which to entrust the fabric of the village.
Secretary’s post-meeting note: Fin has advised that (a) any inadvertent damage will be properly repaired and (b) they have Public Liability insurance. Susan has asked that a copy of this be sent to the Community Council before work gets underway.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.30 pm.


The Royal Burgh of Culross Community Council
Minute of the meeting held in the Town House
On Monday 7th June 2010 at 7.30pm

Attendees :- Derek Burns (Chair), Dilys Livingstone (Vice Chair), Ken Lamb (Correspondence Secretary), Liz Duff (Treasurer), Susan Bell (Minutes Secretary), Marion Lamb

Apologies :- Marilyn Dennison, Martin Jackson, Judy Jackson

In Attendance :- Cllr Willie Fergusson, Robert Nelson

1. Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 10th May 2010
[Secretary’s note of regret for omission: Marion had, in fact, sent ‘apologies’ to the last meeting]. Otherwise, proposed by Liz and seconded by Ken.

2. Matters Arising
Update on previous Actions.

3. Police Report
Nothing to report [no-one present had attended any Police Engagement meeting since last month’s CCC].

4. Correspondence Received
Attached is a list summarising correspondence received. Ken asked whether to reply to Thomas Docherty – it was decided to send an ‘in-hand’ email. He noted there has been no feedback about the ‘Review of Scheme for Community Councils. Finally he drew attention to the public ‘drop-in’ consultation on the SES Plan Main Issues Report; the nearest one is to be held in Dunfermline City Chamber on Wednesday 23rd June from 2pm – 8pm.

5. Councillor Ferguson’s Report
Nothing to add to the earlier updates (see Table of Actions), but he did remind the CCC of their (previously agreed) decision to keep a watching eye on Planning applications during the summer recess.

6. Treasurer’s Report
Nothing to report other than addition of 2p and 28p interest, respectively, to the two accounts.

7. Chairman’s Report
Derek advised that an NTrust form has been filled in to say no dealings have taken place. He noted, again, that there would have been funds available here for the pier, but that the village residents managing that project had not availed themselves of it.

8. A.O.B.
1. Susan asked about the process for election to the new CCC, and whether present members need to do anything. Answer was that Fife Council will issue papers in due course. If more than 8 people wish to become members, there will be an election, with all villagers eligible to vote. Traditionally, canvassing by candidates has not been necessary. Derek noted that, last time an election was needed, turnout had been high, at 67%.
2. Mr Nelson asked whether organisations – as opposed to individuals - could be represented directly on the CCC, by one person per organisation. Derek said this would be welcomed, and that ideally each village organisation would be so represented. He said that, in the past, we’ve suggested they become ex-officio members (would be especially good for those wishing to use CCC insurance cover). Mr Nelson pointed out that, in these financially-straitened times, joint action might further some of the common aims of these organisations. All agreed this would be a good thing, and would reflect, and enhance, the pulling together of the village residents. One example he gave was to obtain improved signage to the Abbey from the main road, which – it is hoped - would bring benefits to the wider Culross community by maximising visitor numbers. Derek replied this would be a good candidate for Environmental funding.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.30 pm.


The Royal Burgh of Culross Community Council
Minute of the Annual General Meeting held in the Town House
On Monday 7th June 2010 at 7.30pm

Attendees : Derek Burns (Chair), Dilys Livingston (Vice Chair), Ken Lamb (Correspondence Secretary) Liz Duff (Treasurer), Susan Bell (Minutes Secretary) Marion Lamb

Apologies : Marilyn Dennison, Martin Jackson, Judy Jackson

In Attendance : Cllr Willie Fergusson, Robert Nelson

Previous Minutes
The minute of the 2009 AGM held on Monday 29th June 2009 was proposed by Marion and seconded by Dilys .

Chairman’s Report
1. Further to last year’s remarks, there is still no progress to report on the Dundonald Arms. [Background: permission was given for planned building, and work did commence, but has since stopped. Legally, sole requirement is to maintain ‘safe & secure’: owners have a number of years left (on the permission) to complete the work].
2. Youth Forum: it is disappointing to note that there has been no discernible progress.
3. Feedback has been provided, from two residents, about the poor fabric of the village. Culross Community Council (CCC) has asked Fife Council to address shortcomings, and we await their proposals.
4. Derek passed on his thanks to Susan (for work as Minutes Secretary), Liz (ditto, Treasurer), Ken (ditto, Correspondence Secretary) and the remaining members of the CCC for their support throughout the year.
5. He then asked Willie to chair the meeting for the election of office bearers, reminding all that these could only be valid until October, when elections to the CCC are to be held. [Office holders who have already given notification of intention to stand down agreed to stay on until then].

Election of office bearers
Chair – Derek Burns will continue until October. [Willie then handed the meeting back to Derek to chair].
Vice Chair – Dilys Livingston: nominated by Marion and seconded by Ken.
Treasurer – Martin Jackson (who, previously, had indicated willingness to take on any role except Chair): nominated by Derek and seconded by Liz.

Minutes Secretary – Susan Bell: nominated by Dilys and seconded by Ken.
Correspondence Secretary – Ken Lamb [at least until October] : nominated by Dilys and seconded by Liz.

Treasurer’s Report
Income and Expenditure Accounts for year ending 31st March 2010 were distributed (see attached copy). Liz drew attention to the transfer of BBC donation from one fund to another (original attribution had been in error). She reminded CCC of need to use the available funds and of the risk, to future funding, of failure to do so. Chairman asked about a signed, audited copy of the accounts: Liz explained it was with auditor (who is on holiday), but agreed to provide this to the CCC.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 7.45 pm.

The Royal Burgh of Culross Community Council

Minute of the meeting held in the Town House on Monday 10th May 2010 at 7.30pm

Attendees :- Derek Burns (Chair) Dilys Livingstone (Vice Chair) Ken Lamb (Correspondence Secretary) Susan Bell (Minutes Secretary) Marilyn Dennison Martin Jackson
Apologies :- Liz Duff

In Attendance :- Judy Jackson George Connelly Robin Mackenzie (for ‘AOB’ only)

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 12th April
Proposed by Ken and seconded by Martin.

Matters Arising

Police Report
a). Marilyn reported that, at last week’s meeting with the police, of 20 people (from the 4 villages) only one was from Culross. She pointed out that, since police priorities were decided on the basis of one-man-one-vote ballots at these meetings, Culross would need more attendees if its residents wished to hold more sway. (She confirmed that a CCC member has no more voting power than any other individual).
b). Susan asked whether PCs McKnight & Davidson should be removed from CCC Minutes distribution list (now that they no longer attend), and this was agreed.

Action 1: Susan to delete police from CCC Minutes distribution list.

Correspondence Received
Ken provided the following brief:
Fife Council, in collaboration with Zero Waste Scotland and the Community Recycling Network for Scotland (CRNS), launched a Furniture Re-use Campaign. The aim of this is to encourage people to donate their unwanted furniture & other household goods to local community-based organisations who will re-use it & sell on at a low cost. Leaflets were distributed by post.
Andrew Ferguson’s reply – forwarded to Derek, for further action.
SESplan Development Plan Scheme No2. The DPS will be published on the SESplan website (www.sesplan.gov.uk) by 9 Apr. The Main Issues Report (MIR), Monitoring Statement, Environmental Report and associated documents are available to view online. The MIR package is going through ratification process with 6 partner Authorities. It is anticipate that formal consultation will start at the end of May 2010.
Fife Housing Partnership – Scenario Planning Day, Dean Park Hotel, Wed 16th June: an all-day visioning event which provides a single forum through which investors, planning agencies, housing providers, tenants and voluntary organisations participate in the planning & development of effective processes to meet housing & related needs. Invitations later.
e) Contact with Linda Purdie; requested any meeting be held after Parliamentary election.
f) BTCV volunteer group: offered its services. Derek added that he volunteered with them for 3 years, and can give more info to anyone who wishes.
g) Planning: Bordie Quarry caravan site: Marilyn reminded CCC that this is a 2nd Application. It was agreed that we should ask that conditions of 1st Permission are brought forward.
Action 2: Ken to write to Fife Council requesting that original conditions be applied to any new Permission awarded to current Bordie Quarry Planning application.
An application has also been submitted for erection of stone boundary wall & hard landscaping at The House at West Green.
h) Street parade application – Culross Fancy Dress Parade. Comments (if any) to be submitted before 21 May 2010. Derek noted that there are two (similar) requests – both have asked to use CCC insurance cover.
j) NHS Fife Health Board Elections Information Pack. Marilyn briefed that the aim is to increase lay membership; there will be 12 lay members – 60 candidates have applied (closing date was last week); it’s all postal voting – ballot papers will arrive shortly.
k) Fife Access Seminar – to be held 10 June; concerns biking, routes etc. Booking form was included.

Councillor Ferguson’s Report
Willie not able to attend this evening, but Marilyn had a few relevant notes from the West Fife Village forum:
- There are plans to chop down trees (Spruce & Pine) in Valleyfield Woods. Derek said he understands this to be routine woodland management, under which only non-native species will be thinned out.
- Lunchtime playground assistants have been made redundant.
- Lady who makes school lunches is to be made redundant.
Derek commented that cuts are inevitable (given financial situation) but that he would have preferred changes which resulted in a flatter management structure instead.
- Youth Club can no longer meet at Stables: they have to go to Stephen Memorial Hall. Derek raised the question of what they would do with the Stables, which are run by 3 Trustees: the terms of the arrangement are that if they are not used by the Youth Club, ownership reverts to Fife Council. The CCC expressed its concern, not least about the apparent conflict of interest.
Action 3: Ken to write to Cllr Bobby Clelland to ascertain whether any change of Youth Club venue has been imposed (copy to Lynn Hoey).

Treasurer’s Report
Liz had provided report to Derek, who briefed as follows:
Annual accounts are with Claire, for auditing. (Marilyn noted that from 2011 they have to be signed off by 2 people).
Liz has given formal notification of intention to retire at next AGM.
She suggested some ways in which CCC funds could be used:
Upgrading the public toilets;
Donation to the rebuilding of the pier;
Donation to the Community garden, for plants;
Donation to the Youth Club;
Donation to CDT for flowers for the tubs.
It was agreed these would be discussed at next meeting, as time was running short.
Action 4: All to discuss dispersal of CCC funds.

Chairman’s Report
Derek has received a letter of complaint about the state of the seating. It was noted this has already been a subject for action, and Ken advised that the CDT had agreed to take it on.
Action 5: George to remind CDT about agreed seating improvements.
Should we award £50 to West Fife Playscheme? – Agreed we should
Action 6: Liz to send £50 to West Fife Playscheme
Derek has been made aware that Culross Salmon Fishing has a rateable value of £50. However it is noted that the Royal Burgh owns salmon fishing rights, and no payment has been made (nor sought).
A guide to West Fife villages has been produced by the Planning Group.


Derek introduced Robin Mackenzie, who wished to echo the points, made at April’s meeting, about the poor upkeep of aspects of the village. He also asked about lack of Councillor representation at CCC meetings, and Derek explained that it had been agreed that this issue would be pursued.
Action 7: Derek to ask Willie Ferguson about Councillor representation at future CCC meetings.
Robin specified some particular areas of concern, & each was discussed:
Litter: Marilyn asked if BCTV could be asked to help; Derek said not for litter, & Dilys said she thinks they’re more likely to help with ‘projects’ rather than ongoing maintenance. Marilyn agreed, and pointed out that such use could in fact be counter-productive, since it may reduce the case for Fife Council to carry out its responsibilities.
Broken cobbles at Mercat Cross: Derek noted that this was caused by the Council’s lorries.
State of Kirk St (pot-holes):
Robin reminded those present that Culross depends on tourists. There followed discussion about whether we could use ‘Community Service’ people (ie offenders) to help. Marilyn noted that it is also important that CCC be seen to be trying to get something done about these issues. A range of strategies were considered, including contacting MP, MSP, newspapers, the Chief Executive of Fife Council, & raising a petition. It was decided to start with a letter to the new MP, outlining the issues & pointing out that the concerns are widespread within the community.
Action 8: Derek to find name & address of new MP.
Action 9: Ken, Dilys & George to draft a letter to MP detailing outstanding problems with fabric of village & circulate to CCC members for comments (to be returned within 24 hrs).
Robin thanked the Community Council for their efforts and good works.

George raised the topic of the proposed Alloa-Rosyth/Dunfermline Railway service. He stressed that local residents’ views had not properly been represented by CCC, that local Councillors had made assumptions about their constituents views, & had relayed those assumptions upwards. He asked that actual opinions be canvassed as soon as possible, and formally passed to the relevant bodies. The ensuing discussion covered:
how to learn what the village’s view (as a whole) is;
whether we should ask someone to come & talk to us;
whether anyone is in a position to do this unless/until the options are clear;
the financial viability of the scheme (given the state of the breakwater over which it must pass);
the Scottish Govt’s new paper on Public Consultation;
the various adverse impacts on Culross should the scheme go ahead.
We concluded that we should start by asking Willie Ferguson and Bill Walker (the two local Councillors who had supported the project) to come to CCC to explain why they had done so, and the lack of consultation.
Action 10: Ken to invite Cllrs Ferguson & Walker to discuss the proposed railway line (copy to Bobby Clelland and Gerry McMullan).
Derek sought to confirm that CCC had decided not to apply to ASCC – agreed that was the case, since there were few (if any) benefits.
He advised that elections for new Community Councils are to be held in October and said that, because 4 or 5 current members had decided to stand down, it was hoped that new blood will come forward.
Finally, he said the Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at the same time as the next CCC meeting.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.30 pm.


The Royal Burgh of Culross Community Council

Minute of the meeting held in the Town House
On Monday 1st March 2010 at 7.30pm

Attendees :- Derek Burns (Chair) Dilys Livingstone (Vice Chair) Ken Lamb (Correspondence Secretary) Susan Bell (Minutes Secretary) Marilyn Dennison, Marion Lamb, Martin Jackson

Apologies :- Cllr Willie Ferguson, Cllr Will Walker

In Attendance:- Judy Jackson

1. Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 1st February 2010
Marilyn suggested that, to avoid confusion, the record of ‘apologies’ from non-Members should indicate their status, and the Council agreed this will be done from now on.

2. Matters Arising
See Table (attached) for update on previous Actions.

3. Police Report

Marilyn brought the March 2010 ‘South West Fife Community Engagement Letter’ (attached). She also advised that the South West Fife Community Policing Partnership agree ‘Policing Priorities’ at their meetings and those agreed last time, for the respective ‘beats’, are shown on the attached table. The CCC agreed that any concerns about crime / disorder should be brought to the attention of the police at Culross’ meetings (in The Stables, schedule as previously published), so that they may be considered for priority action.

4. Correspondence Received
(Previous Correspondence (from Douglas Sinclair))
a) Common Good assets list: Some debate about whether this is extant and the fate of proceeds from any sales.

Action 1: Ken to send copy to Andrew Ferguson (Fife Council Legal Services), with request for further information.

(CCC Correspondence received January)
b) Trust reorganisation: Circulated before & discussed at last meeting. Queried apparent expenditure - attributable to revaluation of assets. Agreed no comment on original proposals, but Derek will (again) invite Andrew Ferguson to CCC meeting to discuss.
c) Fife structure Plan 2006-26: Same as earlier (May 09) version approved by the Scottish Government, but omitting ‘tracked changes’. Agreed no comments required.

(CCC Correspondence received February)
d) Common Good Applications: (Reply, if any, required by 5th March)
• CDT for Pier: £1838 sought for reconstruction materials. (Fife) Council in support but suggests from 2010/11 funds. CCC agreed to support.
• Culross Festival: Subsidy of £1500 sought to provide discounted tickets for Culross residents to attend 3 Festival events. Fife council queried need, given profit made at last year’s event. Derek explained that there are numerous advance costs – including artists’ fees – which have to be borne. CCC agreed to support.
Culross Community Council wishes to remind all Community groups (such as the Youth Club) that applications for Common Good funding are most welcome, and will be supported by CCC whenever a good case is made.
e) Jim Tolson MSP Surgery Timings: Have advised him of our schedule of meetings.
f) Fun Time Carnivals: Agreed that Ken would pass this to the Gala Committee.
g) Draft Dunfermline & West local Plan: This is available online. Derek (to whom hardcopy had been passed) noted there are a number of errors: eg Pier not shown in Conservation Area, and Orchard View shown as Blackadder Haven. Drop-in events have been scheduled, for discussion. Agreed error should be raised there.

Action 2: Derek to attend event ref Local Plan (Kincardine Community Centre on 15 Mar, 2 – 8pm).

h) Beautiful Fife Campaign 2010: Agreed this should be passed to Duncan, for CDT.
i) Culross Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan (Reply required by 26th Mar): This aims to highlight Culross’s significance in terms of its townscape & architecture, and to identify any particular issues affecting the conservation area, along with potential solutions. The appraisal will be going to the West Fife Area Committee in April for approval, so feedback on this draft is now sought. A hardcopy will be available to view on Thursday 11 March, from 4-7pm in the Stephen Memorial Hall, and a member of staff from Development Services will be on hand to answer any questions. The document is also available online at www.fifedirect.org.uk/conservation on the service page “Conservation Areas in Fife”. No comments have been received to date, and the CCC agreed that any queries should be raised at the session on 11 March.

(Reminders from the past)
j) Review of Community Council Scheme (Response due 5 Mar): Noted requirement to hold ordinary elections in 2010, but we (CCC) are not responsible for calling / running that election. Notification should come from Fife Council.
k) Financial Guidelines for CCs: This letter says that [its] updated information should be held in the Information Pack, but we don’t have this.
• Community Grants Scheme: this is an alternative source of funding; is already used by some groups (eg CDT; Senior Citizens). Derek mentioned that there is a Fife ‘Cultural Strategy’ and that a representative would like to attend a CCC meeting. Will be invited.
• Public Liability Insurance: The Bonfire and Fireworks display is a community event and as such the Community Council's Insurance will be used to cover this event. The Gala is also a series of community events and so the CC's Insurance will be used to cover those. The Community Council will apply for a quote to cover these events.

5. Councillor Ferguson’s Report:
Willie not able to attend this evening.

6. Treasurer’s Report:
No income or outgoings to report

7. Chairman’s Report:
A few people have contacted Willie Rennie about the issue of parking in the village centre: cars left on the narrow main street cause difficulties for other users. This has been considered before; Fife Council has asked whether we would like to have ‘exclusion’ marking at bus stops; CCC did not believe this would address the issue. As CCC still would not advocate yellow lines in this conservation area, again it was decided to do nothing, at least for now.

8. A.O.B.
Marilyn said she had attended the Lagoons meeting but had nothing of interest to report from it.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9 pm.


The Royal Burgh of Culross Community Council

Minute of the meeting held in the Town House on Monday 1st February 2010 at 7.30pm

Attendees :- Derek Burns (Chair)
Ken Lamb (Correspondence Secretary)
Susan Bell (Minutes Secretary)
Marion Lamb

Apologies :- George Connelly
Marilyn Dennison
Liz Duff
Martin Jackson
Dilys Livingston (Vice-Chairman)
Cllr William Walker

In Attendance :- Cllr Willie Fergusson (WF)
Ryan Nelson (RN)

1. Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 7th December 2009
Proposed by Derek and seconded by Marion.

2. Matters Arising
See Table (attached) for update on previous Actions.

3. Police Report
Although no police representation was possible this evening, Derek noted that the Dunfermline Press had reported that police are to hold bi-monthly meetings with the public, in Culross Youth Club (see separate table for schedule). Willie explained this will mean a minor reduction to Community Council attendance but that, if there is a burning issue, they will come. However, they are trying to engage more widely. In this area, it will mean 3 dedicated Community Officers (led by PC Alan Davidson). The meetings will be ‘open forum’ style, with questions channelled elsewhere if required. Culross was chosen for its central location, and the Youth Club for its parking facilities. The initiative has Willie’s full support, as it is the closest thing possible to having a ‘village bobby’ and because – if necessary - they can be called on to ‘blitz’ an area. The scheme will be evaluated later.

4. Correspondence Received
a. Ken said things had been fairly quiet over the Christmas holiday period. Fife Council had sent updated financial guidelines for Community Councils (soft-copy already circulated; hardcopies issued this evening for Liz & Susan).
b. Some correspondence was still being sent to Douglas who had kindly forwarded. Ken would advise the originator of the change in CC Correspondence Secretary.
c. The Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) were looking for patient/carer representatives to join a group reviewing pre-school dental decay. Not seen as core business for CC.
d. The Patient Partnership in Practice is the public involvement group of the Royal College of General Practitioners (Scotland). They were looking for three lay members, but the correspondence was received too late to put forward a name.
e. NHS Fife Pastoral and Spiritual Care Committee were seeking representatives to join their group. The next meeting was scheduled for 5 February. Derek advised Marilyn will not be back from holiday by then, so decline invitation.
f. Comments had been requested on a ‘Living and Dying Well’ consultative document. Again received too late for a reply to be made.
g. Electronic material was received and circulated on the ‘Draft Scheme of a Review of the Scheme for Community Councils in Fife’ (previously circulated for comment last year). This appeared to conform to what was accepted last year and no further comment was deemed necessary.
h. Emails had been received on ‘Fife Wide Trust Re-organisation’. Ken stated that this appeared to show expenditure from Culross resources of £400, from both vote headings in the last financial year, of which we knew nothing. Derek had spoken to Andrew Ferguson, who looked into it, and reported that no money had been spent from our Trusts & Legacies in the last 3 years, although he could see why it may appear so. Willie said any withdrawal would require two signatures. Derek passed on Andrew’s advice to expand the spreadsheet which would then show that there was no expenditure. Ken agreed to look into and, if still uncertain, to raise with Andrew when he attends CCC meeting.
Nb. This limited pool of money is available to help anyone in the village overcome a short-term problem. If they approach Derek or Willie, it will be referred (anonymously) to Fife Council & money will be sent via the Chair to maintain confidentiality.

Action 1. Ken to check Trusts & Legacies spreadsheet for withdrawals.

5. Counciller Ferguson’s Report
a. Willie said that the big issue was the village road closure (for repairs). Stagecoach has apologised for the very short notice of the reduction in services (although they note that there are few regular users between Kincardine & Culross). They wanted to terminate the service at the West car-park, and had posted flyers through residents’ doors. Had offered compromise: that if reduction causes real hardship, they would consider a taxi-bus service. Derek observed that this had not been publicised. He also noted that the diversion signs appeared to be inadequate, in number, location & timeliness. Marion commented that some, in Kincardine, had just appeared tonight and some hadn’t been moved since last time. Derek said consensus seems to be that it’s a pity that notice was so short, but noted that signs say bus service is to be 2-hourly. Willie acknowledged the shortcomings but drew focus to the goal, which is improvement to the road.
b. He reported an incident of the use of dogs for deer poaching on the ash lagoons, and asked that anyone who hears or sees anything relating to this most distressing activity should phone the police or the power station gatehouse.

6. Treasurer’s Report
[Nothing – Liz away for next 2 months]

7. Chairman’s Report
a. Derek relayed Marilyn’s feedback from the West Fife Villages Forum, including:
• Schedule of future Police meetings [copy to be posted on village notice-board];
• Head of Transportation to look into shortage of salt during cold spell;
• Local Plan shortly to go out for consultation;
• A report has been commissioned into the opening of the West Fife railway line between Kincardine & Dunfermline. Stations may be opened at Rosyth & Cairneyhill. (Not sure about Newmills & Culross). Trains may run between 6am and midnight;
• West Fife Villages forum to ask about possibility of repairs to Golanderston Toll Bridge at Cairneyhill;
• Wall falling down along by St Mungo’s chapel.
b. Derek raised the complaints he’s heard about owners not clearing up after their
dogs, particularly along the riverside pedestrian/cycle path. Willie agreed to relay this to the Dog Warden.
c. Barriers have been erected at The Dundonald Arms – it is not known whether this is an indication that work is to begin.
d. Derek has received a note from a resident, who lives close to a lime tree next to the (East) car-park entrance, advising that the tree has fungal infection. She has written to the Council about the risk of collateral damage (to gas & electrical services, sub-station, houses and cars) should the tree fall. Willie agreed to enquire.

Action 2: Willie to ask Fife Planning Committee about proposed action regarding diseased lime tree.

8. A.O.B.
a. RN relayed his family’s concerns about Tree Preservation Orders which have been requested following the felling of a single tree for safety reasons (At Erskine Brae). They are trying to reach an understanding with Fife’s Tree Protection Officers (TPOs) so that any future essential maintenance can be carried out without fear of prosecution or loss of vital harvesting time. Derek said that local residents had asked him to seek Preservation Orders to prevent future sudden and un-notified loss of this ‘amenity’, and he had done so. Willie said outcome was not yet known, but that he would enquire.

Action 3: Willie to ascertain status of requested Tree Preservation Orders at Erskine Brae.

Derek said that if the Community Council was asked if it supported the proposal for Preservation Orders, this would be put to a vote. Ken suggested that, if the Orders were granted, RN could seek an agreement with the TPO on a contingency plan which covered any urgent remedial action necessary to ensure machinery access in future.

b. Susan said that, from now on, electronic copies of Minutes would be forwarded to Carnegie Library as per their request.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.15pm.


The Royal Burgh of Culross Community Council

Minute of the meeting held in the Town House on Monday 7th December 2009 at 7.30pm

Attendees :- Derek Burns (Chair), Liz Duff (Treasurer), Susan Bell (Minutes Secretary)
Martin Jackson, Ken Lamb

Apologies :- Marion Lamb, Dilys Livingston, Marilyn Dennison, George Connelly

In Attendance :- Judy Jackson, Robert Nelson, PC Eddie McKnight

1. Minutes of the meeting held on 2 Nov 09
Proposed by Liz and seconded by Ken.

2. Matters Arising

a. Table for update on previous Actions.

3. PC McKnight’s Report

PC Eddie McKnight introduced himself: he took over (along with PC Davidson) from PC Colin Mason about 6 months ago. He has worked in the West Fife villages for years, and is very familiar with the communities.
A copy of his report is displayed alongside these minutes. Liz asked about the Tanhouse Brae incident – PC McKnight said it was still under investigation; he will obtain an update & feed that back.

Regarding the ‘distraction theft’, he gave the following advice:

• Perpetrators of these crimes are usually males who work in groups of 2 or more, and tend to commit these offences outwith their own areas;
• They tend to target the elderly who live alone;
• They can trick their way in by saying they are from the water board, or are meter readers etc;

He went on to say that the best way to prevent such offences is:

a. Never allow any stranger to have free access to your home;
b. Always ask for identification from anyone claiming to represent a company;
c. Check the identification by telephoning the company concerned;
d. Never allow into your home anyone about whom you have doubts;
e. Use the security chain when speaking to strangers at the door;
f. Lock your rear door;
g. Do not keep large amounts of cash or valuables on display – lock them away;
h. If you have a single elderly neighbour, look out for them.

4. Correspondence Received

All had been discussed under ‘Matter Arising’ Table of Actions.

5. Councillor Fergusson’s Report

Councillor Fergusson was unable to attend (so no report this time).

6. Treasurer’s Report

a. Current Account: After payment of poppy wreath (£20) there was balance of £348. Further payments (Donation to Over 60s group (£50), Renewal of Assoc of Scottish Community Councils membership (£15), Auditors gift (£20), Gala Insurance premium (£89)) leave balance of £174.
b. Environmental Account: Only activity has been receipt of interest (£0.58), leaving balance of £3351.30. There was some discussion about the very low rates of interest and the difficulty of getting better rates without tying up the cash for long.

Action 1: Liz to make enquiries about better interest rates.

Marilyn, on behalf of the Over 60s, sent thanks to the Community Council for its generous donation.

7. Chairman’s Report

a. Willie Rennie has written to the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) about the poor state of two of its properties. NTS are discussing with the ‘in-between’ occupant the possibility of renovating all three. When Derek asked what happened to Lady Erskine’s bequest (for small houses in Culross) he was told it had not been spent & was still there.
b. There is to be an inaugural conference of the Fife Green Space Strategy Development Group on 27 January 2010. Derek volunteered to attend.

Action 2: Derek to report back from the Fife Green Space Strategy conference.

c. The Scottish Health Council has produced a newsletter for patients – copy received.
d. The Association of Planning Aid for Scotland aims to increase people’s involvement in their areas’ futures. Leaflets are available.
e. Fife Scout Group did get the £500 for the BBQ, so it should now be made available – at no fee – to other community groups / activities.
f. The school’s Parents / Council meeting noted:

• there are leaks in the flat roof;
• wind turbine is not to be permitted.

(The school report is available)

8. A.O.B.

Derek asked Robert about progress on the coastal path. Robert didn’t think it would be finished by Xmas but believed that if the current rate of work continued it would probably complete in January. When Derek said how useful a path from De Villa (woods) back to Culross would be, Robert replied that a right-of-way is there, but has fallen out of use and the signposting isn’t good.

Asked about the proposed Tree Preservation order and as nothing had been heard recently, Derek agreed to contact Fife Council to get an up to date position. Derek would update Robert out-of-committee.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9 pm.


The Royal Burgh of Culross Community Council

Minute of the meeting held in the Town House held on Monday 2nd November 2009 at 7.30pm

Attendees :- Derek Burns (Chair), Marion Lamb (Correspondence Secretary), Susan Bell (Minutes Secretary), Liz Duff (Treasurer); Marilyn Dennison, Martin Jackson, Ken Lamb.

Apologies :- Dilys Livingston (Vice Chair)

In Attendance :- Cllr Willie Fergusson; George Connelly, Judy Jackson, Robert Nelson, Claire Short, Duncan Wood.

Minutes of the meeting held on 5 October 09
Proposed by Derek and seconded by Ken.

Correspondence Received
Quite a few items had been received (incl a weekly list of all Planning applications):

There had only been one application (for lighting), so far, for a grant from the ‘Safety’ funds
No-one had replied to the open invitation to attend Scottish Water’s meeting (10th Nov).
Cllr W Walker had sent a poster showing a series of concerts to be held (4th – 8th Nov) to celebrate 100 years of organ music in Culross Abbey. (It was not clear whether / how this was being advertised more widely).
There is to be a Consultation on Local Authority budgets between 3 and 7pm, on 9th November in the Community Centre, High Valleyfield. Marilyn encouraged everyone with an interest in the provision of social services to go along, as cuts are proposed and this is an opportunity to make local views known.
CCC has been sent a Scottish Govt consultation paper on Education Legislation. It was agreed no comment was required.

Treasurer’s Report
A Statement of Accounts (as of 24 Sep 09) was distributed. Liz advised that a couple of items were still to be paid: Wreath (approx £20) and Auditor’s gift (approx £20). There were no other items to report, and no questions arose.

Chairman’s Report
The Association of Scottish Community Councils (ASCC) may be another way of getting insurance cover, but this would cost more than the £15 membership fee.
A letter from Willie Rennie (MP) had been received, suggesting a meeting about the Grangemouth businesses: Derek asked whether CCC would find this useful and, if so, what would be discussed? Willie said the ‘early warning system’ might be one item, and the increasing noise level another. Ken thought there is a monitoring station, but said no-one knows where it is. Mr Nelson advised there is one in a Blair Mains Farm field, and that readings are taken automatically & sent to somewhere in England. CCC agreed a meeting would be helpful.
Action 1: Ken to write to Willie Rennie to arrange meeting ref Grangemouth.

A letter had been received from the ENTRUST asking whether 2 projects on their books had been finished. Answer is Yes and Derek will confirm this to them.
A letter from the council of Culross Primary School noted that some property there needs sorting out. Our member there (Maureen) lets us have Minutes (which Derek has).
Sports Trust: would like a series of consultations with local stake-holder groups in Cowdenbeath or Glenrothes. Nobody present wished to attend (though Marion – who had to leave early – may do so).
The annual report of Fife Housing Association had been received.
Cllr Bobby Clelland will be in Stephen Memorial Hall between 1.45 and 2.15pm on 9th November, if anyone would like to consult him.
Proposal to have Culross Children’s Gala / Bonfire Sub-Committee.
A request for assistance with funding for fireworks had been made. In the past, CCC has met cost of insurance (£80) for the event. They have got a grant of £600 from another party. CCC agreed to continue funding of insurance (only).
Culross Primary Parents’ Council have requested money from the CCC environment fund for ‘a number of possible projects’.
Action 2: Ken to seek more detail of Culross Primary Parents’ Council’s request for funding.

Action 3: Derek to write a paragraph for Culross newsletter inviting applications for environment funds, specifically for improvements to the fabric of the village.

Issue of parking in the village centre: this is an old chestnut. Willie advised that Fife Council had said it had not been raised before. However, there is considerable evidence to the contrary. Derek summarised discussion by saying there were two issues:
Fife Council’s dissembling and
What solution did we propose / prefer
In the past, yellow lines had been ruled out as undesirable; the CCC agreed. George suggested another sign, indicating “Free Car Park - 50 yards” may help.

Action 4: Willie to raise question of parking signs with Ian.

Renewal of insurance policy (to be passed to Ken).
The pre-Remembrance Day service will begin at 10.50 on Sunday (8th Nov) at the War Memorial.
A request, to the Common Goods Fund, has been received from the 83rd Fife Scout Group for £500 to buy a good quality BBQ. This will be made available to other local groups, at no cost to charitable ones. The Scout Group would own, insure and maintain the BBQ. The CCC agreed to support this request.
A letter has been sent by a local resident noting a number of items of concern (such as neglected houses (some NT-owned), lack of cleaning, weeds, car-parking, flooding etc). Willie said that the CCC is aware of all of the issues raised, and that they have been taken up with the bodies responsible for action.
Action 5: Ken to reply to local resident’s letter of complaint.


The Fire Brigade had provided a very useful fire safety talk at the West Fife Villages Forum, and will be happy to do same for us. Derek would like us to arrange this, and to encourage as many villagers as possible to attend. Willie noted the Fire Service also offer home safety checks.

Action 6: Willie to invite Fire Service to February CCC.

- Previous co-signatory (for cheques) had been Maureen – who could replace? Derek replied that Dilys would do so.

- Liz will miss February & March’s meetings and offered to resign if it was felt that more frequent attendance by Treasurer is required. Marilyn suggested waiting until after next AGM for any changeover, and Martin offered to take on the role.

- Noted that a tree has been felled across a ‘Right of Way’ within Dunimarle

grounds. Mr Nelson advised that the correct ‘Right of Way’ has now been opened (after some considerable time when it was in a bad state of repair) and so there will now be no need for the (stand-in) ‘privileged’ one referred to.

- Some of the material relating to publicity for the cricket match had raised concerns about adverse effect on village ‘image’. This has now been resolved.

- Advised of an open ‘surgery’ with police officers, held on the 1st Saturday of
each month between 1 and 4.30pm in Kincardine High St.
Will attend the Fife Housing meeting (about the increase in affordable housing).

Proposed that ex-Officio members, having now attended 3 meetings, be made full members. All agreed.
Action 7: Ken to write to Fife Council (Linda Purdie), advising of new full members’ details.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 10 pm.


The Royal Burgh of Culross Community Council

Minute of the meeting held in the Town House on Monday 5th October 2009 at 7.30pm

Attendees :- Dilys Livingstone (Vice Chair)
Marion Lamb (Correspondence Secretary)
Susan Bell (Ex-officio Member) (Minutes Secretary)
Marilyn Dennison
Martin Jackson (Ex-officio Member)
Ken Lamb (Ex-officio Member)

Apologies :- Derek Burns
Cllr Willie Fergusson

In Attendance :- George Connelly
Judy Jackson (representing The Tuesday Club)

1. Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 7th September
Proposed by Dilys and seconded by Marilyn.

2. Matters Arising

a. See Table (attached) for update on previous Actions.

b. (Further to 7 Sep Minutes, para 2s - Insurance) New possible strategies were discussed for ensuring that sufficient, and proper, use is made of Culross Community Council (CCC)’s insurance policy. These included:
(1) Displaying on the village notice board a list of the groups who have identified themselves to CCC as occasional users of CCC’s insurance policy, together with a note requiring others (not yet listed) to do so.
(2) Including, in the next village newsletter, an article which explains the requirement for occasional users of CCC’s insurance policy to make themselves known to CCC and to attend at least on CCC meeting per year.
(3) Notifying Fife Council of CCC’s efforts to ensure that all relevant Culross groups are aware of, and fulfil, their responsibilities regarding occasional use of insurance. (Debbie Cassell (debbie.cassell@fife.gov.uk) is the relevant contact).
(4) Notifying the insurance company itself of the efforts being made.
There was debate about whether groups who ‘used’ the policy but did not conform with the ‘notification’ and ‘attendance’ requirements would, in fact, be covered. This was questionable, since the insurer may not have had the opportunity to assess, and to formally accept, the relevant risk(s).
(Dougie Vippond, representing The Gala Committee) looked in briefly and said they would try to send someone along to next meeting (but they also meet on Mondays)).

Action 1: Ken to put a list on notice board of known ‘insurance-using’ groups, with covering note.
Action 2: Derek to include in the next village newsletter a piece on the responsibilities of occasional users of CCC’s insurance policy.
Action 3: Ken to notify Fife Council, of efforts made to ensure that all Culross groups are aware of their responsibilities regarding insurance cover.

c. (Further to 7 Sep Minutes, para (???) 7d (???) - xxxxx), Ken noted disparate ownership. Dilys noted some land not ‘adopted’ – so no records available for some. Agreed to pursue further, and to take back ‘ownership’ if it seems to be drifting.
Action 4: Dilys to ask Duncan on progress of xxxx

d. (Further to 7 Sep Minutes, para 2g - Police) Dilys asked whether we still receive a police report? As we don’t, it was agreed this should be requested.
Action 5: Marion to ask xxxx for police report to be sent to CCC.

e. (Further to 7 Sep Minutes, para 2q – Household Waste Collection) Dilys asked how the new system (additional green bin for re-cycling) was going? It was generally agreed that it was just proceeding. She asked whether feedback was being sought? It was thought that it isn’t, yet, but that it may be later. Consensus of those present was that frequency of collection and size of bins could become issues.

3. Correspondence Received
a. Common Goods Fund: There was an article in the xxxx magazine. The Common Goods Fund will be on the Agenda at the ASCC meeting on 4th November, at the Scottish Parliament. Dilys asked whether anybody wanted to attend, but there were no takers.
b. Scottish Planning System: Ken clarified the matter, discussed last time, of ‘no comments’ on the Dundonald Arms proposal. In fact he had input (to the on-line system) two sets of comments: one for himself and one for CCC. But the system could not accept both. George had spoken to Fife Council who advised that there was an IT glitch, in that ‘notifications to neighbours’ showed as ‘comments’; Fife Council expects to fix this within 8 weeks. Ken advised that, under the new regime (which is designed to speed up the planning process):
- you have 21 days to comment (but it doesn’t say how to do this);
- the whole ‘case’ has to be made up-front (ie no subsequent additions);
- there is no system of appeal.
c. Blairhall to Kincardine Path: Plans/notification had been received. All agreed this was a good thing – no further comments.
d. Community Council Seminar: A seminar is to be held on Saturday 7th November in Fife House, Glenrothes. Dilys asked if anyone would like to go: there were no takers.

4. Councillor Fergusson’s Report
Willie had sent his apologies (so no report this time).

5. PC Davidson’s Report
PC Davidson unable to attend (so no report this time).

6. Treasurer’s Report
Liz unable to attend (so no report this time).

7. Chairman’s Report
Derek had sent his apologies (so no report this time).

8. A.O.B.

a. George:
(1). Showed plans for his proposed extension (application for which is now with Fife Council);
(2). Advised the village notice boards (adjacent to the War Memorial and in the East car park) were no longer legible. Dilys added that there is no useful information in there (eg for visitors).
Action 6: Willie to consider what improvements could be made to car-park notice boards

b. Ken: advised that the gardener at the Palace had pointed out that one of the stone walls (past the Study, up Haggs Wynd, on corner) was showing weakness at a doorway: mortar going etc. Ken observed that this goes back to ‘ownership’ – he wondered about possibility of drawing up a map? Marilyn had started the process of drawing up a map showing ownership with Fife Council but this had never been finalised by them. Dilys said that, if the wall was dangerous, then Building Control could be asked to intervene. Judy mentioned a similar situation at Sharps’ Brae, where something had been done. It was agreed that the inspection tour of Culross (Action 1 from pre-Sep 09), on which Willie is to accompany a Fife Transportation representative, should include a visual examination of the wall. The problem should also be brought to Chairman’s attention for possible future action.
Action 7: Derek to consider what further action (if any) is required on weak stone wall doorway.

c. Judy: asked who has responsibility for the chapel – National Trust? She noted its present poor state (weeds, plaque etc). Marilyn added that weeds are a problem throughout the village.
Action 8: Marion to write to National Trust about the chapel.
Action 9: Derek to ask Willie about the weeds problem at next meeting.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.50 pm.


The Royal Burgh of Culross Community Council

Minute of the meeting held in the Town House on Monday 7th September 2009 at 7.30pm

Attendees :- Derek Burns (Chair)
Dilys Livingstone (Vice Chair)
Marion Lamb (Correspondence Secretary)
Susan Bell (Ex-officio Member) (Minutes Secretary)
Liz Duff
Marilyn Dennison
Martin Jackson (Ex-officio Member)
Ken Lamb (Ex-officio Member)

Apologies :- None

In Attendance :- Cllr Willie Fergusson
PC Alan Davidson
George Connelly
Duncan Wood
Gilbert Fotheringham
Maureen Fotheringham
Maggie Dempster

1. Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 29th June

Proposed by Marion and seconded by Martin.

2. Matters Arising
a) AGM – Delete (action complete)
b) Lighting at Haggs Wynd – See para 7d.
c) Youth Facilities – Gibby, Maureen & Maggie attended this evening’s meeting to find out the Council’s view. Maureen said they’d submitted proposals (in April); understood a team from Fife Council was to consider, but – since then – it had all gone quiet. Willie had previously agreed to look into this, but said there was lack of certainty about what was being proposed: he stressed need for consensus on direction. Marion observed the matter appeared to be drifting, and suggested that the Youth Forum and Planners get together to agree a way ahead. Willie replied that he can only offer support where firm plans are proposed. Derek recalled it was agreed, at last meeting, that the Forum would put together such plans and put these to the public, so that all interested parties could see what is proposed, and where. Maureen said they’d done this, in April, and all were agreed it would go on the Notice Board, but that didn’t happen. There followed some discussion which indicated confusion about whose responsibility this had been. Marion also noted that one problem had been the size of the plans - Willie was to get smaller ones; Willie then showed these to the meeting. Maureen also expressed their concern about the possibility of having expectations raised, only to be dashed (as in the case of the Skate Park); she pointed out futility of putting in enormous effort, if behind-the-scene machinations of ‘the powers that be’ can then stop it.

ACTION 1: Gibb to liaise with Marion & Dilys, in early October. (A picture / drawing of suitable scale & size to be developed)
d) Head Teacher at Primary School – Delete (action complete)
e) Felling of ‘Seven Sisters’ trees - Delete
f) Culross Leaflets – Delete
g) Police – Ongoing: see report at para 3, below.
h) Access to NW Edge – Ongoing: to be inspected by an engineer, who will also look at the drains near Cunningham House.
i) House at Dundonald Arms – Is to go ahead. Although there are new planning laws, which give powers to local planning officers, this has been approved under the Summer Holiday process. No-one local has been involved in decision-making, and local objections have not prevailed. Now unstoppable, unless error in process can be proved (at Court of Session if necessary).

ACTION 2: Willie to raise at Council meeting(s)
Function room was demolished (videos are available). Only concern raised was lack of support to road: it’s not sectioned off, and some cobbles have already moved.
ACTION 3: Willie will raise this tomorrow.
j) Garage at Inchkeith House – Ken advised no comment necessary, as it couldn’t become a house. Delete (action complete)
k) Help for Heroes – £100 donation was not, after all, required. [See para 7, below, for acknowledgement] Delete (action complete)
l) Association of Scottish Councils Membership –

ACTION 4: Marilyn will confirm if the West Fife Coastal Village Forum already has membership and, if so, whether anyone attends meetings.
m) West Fife Common Good Fund – Marion has written to Bombs Internet Café, Dunfermline Heart Support Group, Dunfermline Heritage Trust and Tricky hats Production, all as agreed at previous meeting. Derek said more about the Common Good Fund [see para 4a, below].
n) Association of Scottish Community Councils Leaflets – Have been put in Post Office. Delete (action complete)
o) Culross Over 60s Club Donation – Ongoing: Marilyn asked for more information, but no reply yet.
p) Flagpole Donation – Delete (action complete)
q) Household Waste Collections Trial – Ongoing: Meeting (4th August) was poorly attended. Trial has begun. Anyone who has not yet received their green bin, or brown kitchen caddy, should call Fife Council to ask for one.
r) Community Councils Support Working Group Representation – Derek advised that Beryl (Leatherhead) had called him to ask our view; he declined to comment until after tonight’s meeting.

ACTION 5: Ken to write to Beryl
s) Insurance – Tuesday Group has never asked for insurance cover. No comments received from Mother & Toddlers’ Group (contact: Claire, An-Cala House).

ACTION 6: Derek will find out more.
Various people have asked about using our cover – eg the Community Garden Group has asked. But, so far as Derek is aware, the Church’s use of the Green is not covered by our policy.

3. PC Davidson’s Report
a. 2 people have been detected for vandalism in the village.
b. On 21st August some males from outwith Fife were interviewed in connection with Comrie Mining offences.
c. PC Eddie McKnight is to take over from PC Colin Mason.
d. PC Davidson restated (ongoing) request for anyone who sees anything suspicious to notify the Police. He advised that The Community Officers have recently had an answering machine installed at Oakley Police Station; all calls will be treated in confidence, and can only be retrieved by Community Officers.
e. George asked that Police contact details be published in the Minutes. These are:
Non-Emergency Telephone No: 0845 600 5702
Emergency Telephone no: 999
Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111
PC Alan Davidson: Alan.Davidson@fife.pnn.police.uk Tel: 01592 251187
PC Eddie McKnight: Edward.McKnight@fife.pnn.police.uk Tel: 01592 251187
f. Derek asked why there had been two police vehicles in the village at about 11pm on Saturday 5th Sep.
ACTION 7: PC Davidson to find out & e-mail advice
g. PC Davidson asked that Meeting Minutes continue to be sent to him.
ACTION 8: Minutes Secretary

4. Correspondence Received
a. Common Goods Fund: Fife Council’s proposal has been circulated. They do now seem to be addressing issue of registering assets (vis-à-vis ‘income from’ and ‘care of’). The only one registered was Bon Accord Park. Derek advised that the Town House had been gifted to The National Trust (on whose authority was a moot point). There was also no mention of Stephen Memorial Hall or Green Park. Willie said he has raised it; he also noted salmon fishing rights. Derek advised that these had been gifted to the Community in 1992 as part of our celebrations. Willie observed that the people’s failure (so far) to exercise this right is good for conservation. He added that Forth Fisheries issue permits/licenses; titles would have to be examined (and it might be ‘net & coble’ rather than rod).
ACTION 9: Derek to provide Willie with appropriate correspondence.
ACTION 10: Willie to report back to Fife Council.
Dilys asked about the Boat House: Derek advised that it is a ‘Common Good’ (and, therefore, not our responsibility). Ken said that the general principle is to get commercial rent from Common Good assets, and to maintain them to normal Council standard (ie not special, heritage care). If no wants / uses the asset, it would be better to demolish - & sell the land – than have something unsafe. Derek referred to a report by Fife Council’s External Auditors, who had recommended improvement in Fife’s management of Common Goods. Marilyn expressed concern that commercial rents would adversely affect local groups who use Stephen Memorial Hall, as rents could increase significantly. Derek said Common Goods should be used by / for the Royal Burgh only, noting Valleyfield’s use of Bon Accord. Willie advised that its designation is determined by where the asset sits. Ken pointed out that the issue isn’t with the funds’ management, but with the management / care of the assets.
b. Large volume of material received from Scottish xxxxxxx, who are trying to put things on more sound footing. Beryl Leatherhead involved in xxxxxxx; there is a care plan for footpaths. Dilys noted that Culross had not confirmed ‘rights-of-way’ when it had the opportunity, and that care plan may not work now if important footpaths / bridleways are missing.
c. Rachel X, who is getting married in Culross Abbey submitted a request to have reception in Abbey House Gardens. This has been refused. She now wishes to consider Youth Club as a venue for the reception.
ACTION 11: Dilys refer to Youth Club Committee.
d. Ken reported that a weekly list of Planning Permissions is now being received (unlike before).
ACTION 12: Derek will review these lists during Ken’s holiday in coming 2 weeks.

5. Councillor Fergusson’s Report
a. Villagers will have noted progress on the footpath / cycleway.
b. Application was made for extension to Ash Lagoons. Proposals have gone to Strategic Planning Committee, which sits tomorrow (8th Sep 09). Then it will go to main Committee. Marilyn mentioned that Bobby X had asked why the ash couldn’t be transferred by other means: question had been asked but nothing came of it. She also noted that, while Culross had raised no objection (to extension plans) she assumed that Valleyfield had? Willie replied they had not so much objected as raised points in a constructive manner. A new Wild-life Ranger has been appointed. One proposal had been to set up a new liaison group, but Willie had thought this unnecessary.

6. Treasurer’s Report
a. Liz noted there had been an amendment to the last set of accounts, and handed out copies of ‘Amended Statement of Accounts – 24 April 2009’. (The month in the Balance had been wrong (saying April, instead of March)).
b. She also issued the ‘Statement of Accounts – 31.08.09’, and noted the only income was interest, at 1p per month.
c. The only expenditure had been a transfer to the Environmental Account.
d. Liz advised that a grant has been applied for; it shouldn’t be long before we hear.

7. Chairman’s Report
a. Dunfermline Junior Chorus is seeking a donation. Marilyn asked whether any children from Culross are there – she thought last year there was one. Dilys remembered that the consensus had been there should be no donation (on grounds that Dunfermline’s population should be large enough to fund).
b. Enid Stewart (at edge of village) is concerned about potential effect of bad weather on trees / power lines in that area, particularly after this year’s damage, and has advised that she is consulting Fife Council.
c. George has written, on behalf of the Help for Heroes organisation, to thank Culross Community Council for support (hosting, insurance, general support) of the concert in July. It had been attended by 650 people, many of whom had since given very positive feedback, and the long-term beneficial effects will be significant. He was pleased to be able to pass on that, for an outlay of just over £900, more than £13000 had been raised. Derek congratulated George on these efforts. George thanked everyone again, both personally and for Help for Heroes.
d. There are funds (up to £10k) available, from Fife Council, for security / safety / crime reduction measures. Dilys suggested installing Solar Powered lights on Haggs Wynd.
e. A Community Council Seminar will be held in Glenrothes on 7th November. Derek asked if anyone would like to go, but there were no takers.
f. There are benches outside of the church, at the top of the village, which are in very poor state: Derek asked whose responsibility this is. Willie thought Common Good. Ken noted that there were other benches which could be included, and wondered whether ‘repair’ or ‘replace’ was the better strategy. Willie thought that West Fife Enterprise could perhaps be approached.
ACTION 13: Willie will give Ken an e-mail contact address.
ACTION 14: Ken will look into this.
g. Consensus seemed to be that we should be on ENTRUST register (CDT isn’t). We’d be eligible for bio-diversity support etc. But Derek doesn’t see need to continue to register, as we haven’t used them since 1997. Willie noted that you can still apply for small grants without actually being registered. Derek therefore formally recommended we resign our membership.
ACTION 15: Ken will write.
h. Dunimarle Castle is up for sale. [See para 8 d (3), below, for further discussion].
i. Community Health Partnership wants us to register interest.
ACTION 16: Marilyn to give detail.

8. A.O.B.
a. Dilys:
(1). Reported that several people had complained about the withdrawal – until after the October holidays – of Youth Club services. Willie said he had had one call about it.
ACTION 17: Willie will look into it.
(2). There had also been a couple of complaints about Scottish Water vans holding up traffic.
(3). Dick in the Haven wasn’t aware that (drains) camera work had been done. Derek confirmed that it had been, but that no feedback had yet been received. He wasn’t aware of anyone having suffered flooding in this past weekend of heavy rain.
ACTION 18: Ken to seek results of investigations.
(4). Management of Valleyfield Woods: there was concern about lack of publicised activity. Willie said Council was taking lead. There was hydro-development where weir is, to encourage habitat/fish.
(5). Pier: Duncan to discuss (below).

b. Martin:
Have plans here for Orchard View. [These were examined by some Community Council Members at the close of the meeting]

c. Marilyn:
(1) Citizens of the Year Award nominations (Youth & Adult) must be in by 30 September. Derek suggested this should be posted up in Stephen Memorial Hall.
ACTION 19: (?) Marilyn (?)
(2) At West Fife Coastal Villages Forum meeting, the matter of paths not being cleared (overhanging trees, weeds etc) was raised.
(3) At the Health Board there had been talk of (express) buses being diverted through Culross once the bridge & roads were completed. This raised questions about how timetables could possibly be kept. Willie advised there was little – if any – possible of this coming to pass.
(4) Local Housing Plan is due out soon.
(5) Inchyra Motors: plans for the site are ongoing. (One issue is the garage’s difficulty in getting suitable Unit in Industrial area). Ken asked that anyone who has old correspondence relating to this site should pass on a copy to him.

d. Duncan:
(1) Insurance: We were asked to pay £50 to cover additional risks of the Farmers’ Market; have subsequently received bill from Fife Council. Derek confirmed this should be paid.
(2) Empty planter outside Town House: there had been discussions about where this should go. Will probably be placed along by Cochrane Square.
(3) Dunimarle Castle: (With reference to the sale), Duncan has tried to contact Trustees without response. Despite internet searches, it is not known:
- what (if any) change of use applications have been made;
- what will happen to proceeds of sale;
- how the assets will be disposed of
The CDT has been disappointed that efforts to integrate / consult with the Trustees have so far failed. Duncan asked that anyone with additional points to raise notify him so that they may be considered for inclusion in the letter the CDT is drafting.
ACTION 20: Susan will look out address she used (for past neighbourly ‘legal’ notification).
George asked whether there was Court of Session involvement – Duncan didn’t know; had not been able to find out anything. Dilys suggested it may be worth contacting Liz Drew (though noting Liz’s present absence). Dilys also raised the possibility of looking at the ‘Right to Buy’. Duncan advised that they are aware of some interest – by one party – of developing an Arts / Crafts establishment there. Ken suggested that, since the MP actively invites constituents to raise matters of concern, it might be worth writing to Willie Rennie. Willie suggested this issue be kept as an ongoing item at this meeting. Derek agreed to do this.
ACTION 21: Derek to include Dunimarle in future Agenda.
(4) Increase in liquor licence? Derek advised he understands it is now about £35pa. There followed discussion about the odd use, for various village organisations. Willie also advised the group to be aware about new requirements, eg on training.
ACTION 22: Willie to consult Licensing Officer (on Friday) about ‘occasional’ licence.
(5) Pier: the restoration has much largely the brainchild of Ken Munnoch, who’s taken on much of the work with his sons. CDT has given him about £300, so far, most of which has been spent on concreteing. Duncan reports they are very pleased with how it’s going, considering that a CDT-commissioned survey had determined the work would cost >£350k if carried out on a commercial basis. Dilys asked if they need any more. Duncan said they didn’t yet know. Dilys said someone had suggested using the Environment Fund. Duncan noted CDT wants to continue to support. Willie asked if sufficient stone is there, and Duncan confirmed there is. There is to be a cricket match in support of the project – Duncan requested any would-be Sponsors to contact him. Dilys mentioned that a Fife archaeologist is doing some work on Moat Pit; a measured survey has been done.

e. Willie:
(1) Dog Fouling: Head of Services is happy to come out to communities to discuss initiatives. Stressed that there doesn’t have to be a dog-warden to enforce regulations: to have any witness is sufficient (providing that witness is – ultimately – prepared to testify if it came to court). The local Dog Warden is Dave Allen, but there is no direct contact number for him at present. The contact details of the Technical Officer, Dog Control are:
Graeme Anderson 08451 555555 ext 450901 Graeme.anderson@fife.gov.uk

There being no other business the meeting closed at 09.30 pm.


The Chairman tendered apologies for absence, and Dilys (Vice-Chairman) agreed to lead that meeting.

ACTION 23: Ken to obtain Town House key from Jo or Mark (in Palace)
ACTION 24: Ken to ask ‘extra’ parties to come to November meeting, because of numerous known absences, in October, of regular Members.

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