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Crombie Community Council

(Latest minutes in PDF format)

November 2010

December 2010

January 2011

Crombie Community Council
Inaugural meeting
Crombie Community Centre
26th October 2010 19:30 hours

Cllr William Ferguson (WF) Anne Robinson (AR)
Caroline Welch (CW) Irene Ireland (IR)
Sheila Roxburgh (SR)
Lorraine Petrie (LP)
Janette Hall (JH)
Nick Hoggan (NH)
Alison Hoggan (AH)
Carol Young (CY)
Lyndsey Fox (LF)

Welcome and introductions by CW

CCC election 14th October 2010:
The 8 elected council members are:
Lorraine Petrie, Caroline Welch, Anne Robinson, Sheila Roxburgh, Janette Hall, Alison Hoggan, Nick Hoggan and Irene Ireland.

WF asked for nominations for the office bearer positions.

Chair: Caroline Welch proposed: JH seconded: LP
Vice Chair: Nick Hoggan proposed: CW seconded: SR
Secretary: Lorraine Petrie proposed: NH seconded: SR
Treasurer: Sheila Roxburgh proposed: AH seconded: JH
Proposed meeting dates are every second Tuesday of each month.
Provisional dates -
2010- 9th November, 14th December,
2011-11th Jan, 8th Feb, 8th March

1. LP to complete office bearer form for Fife Council and display in the village once the availability of the community centre hall for these meetings has been confirmed. Publish the dates of the meetings in the village and on relevant websites.
2. SR will update contact details for members

Minutes from CCC meeting 8th Sept 2010 were discussed

Neil Moister: Invite Neil to a future meeting regarding his climbing wall proposal for the community centre.
Regeneration of Central Road: CW has spoken with Tom Hanney from Fife Housing. The final money for the regeneration should be approved by the Scottish Parliament next week.
Demolition is to start at the end of November.
Vandalism in the empty houses is apparently causing Fife Housing concern regarding stealing of fixtures and copper piping, CCC was not notified of this. And there has been no contact from the police regarding this issue. JH mentioned she had seen some unusual activity; she will give the details to WF for his meeting with the Police.

1. WF proposed that he will raise CCC concerns at the police meetings he attends, this was agreed.
2. CW will speak again to Tom Hanney and invite him to attend a meeting.
3. LP and NH will send a letter to Fife Housing regarding the plan of use for the empty houses attached to the private ones which won’t be for demolition.

West Fife Plan:
WF mentioned the plan is almost at the adoption stage with Crombie having no building ground allocated for the 20 year plan.
CW mentioned that Jock Wilson wishes to come and discuss his building proposal.
NH suggested allocating a timed slot on the agenda for a future meeting.
CW will speak to Jock Wilson regarding arranging this and speak to John Barclay (depot) if he would also like to attend.

Phone Box: Petition was sent to BT.
Action: LP will write to them asking for an update and response to the petition.

6 Ordnance Road: nothing to report.

Dog fouling: CW still to speak to the base.

Police Meeting: as AR not present get an update at the next meeting.

Laser Printer: property of CCC but not used.
Action: agreed SR would find out the value and then CCC will decide on selling printer with cash going into the CCC funds.

Meeting with Thomas Docherty MP: discussion around this.
CW asked if the builders doing the rebuild of Central Road would need to put up a bond. WF stated that social housing is grant funded not bonded.
Early warning system at Grangemouth - WF is keen to set up a meeting with the West Fife Villages, regarding the Emergency Awareness Plan for Grangemouth in view of our location to Grangemouth.
Action: NH would attend meeting with WF.
WF will follow-up on contact with CCC from MP Docherty.

Minutes from 8th September were approved.

Treasurers report:
SR stated there was currently
£37.95 cash in hand
£1,623 77.cash in the bank.

NH suggested having the accounts audited and having detailed financial reports available for each meeting. Accounts were last audited in March 2010. AGM will be March 2011.
Tony Orton has asked for payment of for the hard drive he purchased for CCC, audited accounts are unclear regarding payment.
Action: SR will arrange for the accounts to be audited either by approaching Bruce Wallace or another treasurer form a community council. Accounts to be brought to next meeting so the issue over the hard drive can be addressed.

New Committee objectives:
CW discussed how she would like all members to think of their objectives, she discussed communication as being a starting point.
Action: Carry forward to agenda of next meeting. Each member can then discuss their ideas.

Liaise with other Community Councils:
Mike Shirkie- Rosyth Community Council invites CCC to their next meeting on 2nd November.
Action: CW and JH will attend.
Beautiful Fife: discuss in next meeting

Councillor questions:
WF would like the CCC to consider a rep for the West Fife Villages forum.
Meetings are the last Thurs of every month at Comrie Community Centre.
Action: NH will attend the next meeting.

Bygone Years:
Louise Trow has written to ask for members to attend a lunch regarding Celebrating Fife 2010 where a sample of events will be on display.
1. JH will attend this Tuesday 16th November 2010 10-2pm.
2. SR to email JH all the details.

Thank you note:
CW received a card from the Whist thanking the CCC for paying for their hall hire and paying for their gala whist prizes.

Mail form Tony Orton (a previous secretary) was given to CW on the evening of this meeting therefore there was no time to read any of it. Correspondence dates back to June 2010.
Action: LP will sort through this mail.

Container Terminal: NH gave a background into a meeting he attended.
Action: CW and JH will attend the next meeting. JH mentioned also attending the next Limekilns CCC meeting in relation to this.

NH asked if the CCC were in possession of a bench previously purchased for the village by CCC. No-one present was aware of this.

Action: CW to speak to Jock Wilson (previous Chairman) regarding this.

SR currently does all the printing for the CCC.
Costs agreed are - 5p per black and white sheet and 10p per coloured sheet.

Points to be carried forward to the next meeting for discussion are:
Training for Community Councils-CW
Neighbourhood Watch Scheme- LP
Welcome Packs for new residents to Central Road- CW

Close of the meeting.

Next Meeting: provisionally Tuesday 9th November at 19.30hours ( hall still to be confirmed)


Crombie Community Council
Crombie Community Centre
8th September 2010 19:30hrs

Present: Caroline Welch (CW) –Chair; Lorraine Petrie (LP) -Vice Chair
Sheila Roxburgh (SR) - Treasurer; Anne Robinson

Apologies: Katherine Pearson

Welcome from CW.

1. Minutes: Meeting from 7th July 2010 updates given.

Neil Moister-
Action: Carry forward his proposal to the next meeting.

Regeneration: No dates yet for commencing the work, no decision on tenders.
Regarding possible asbestos in the Central Road Houses- Mike Cree states if there was any this would have been taken into account by the companies who have submitted tenders.

West Fife Plan: No update.

Phone Box: CW has received the petition and will send a letter of support to BT with this.

Buses- Back to a normal service.

6 Ordnance Road:
Action: carry forward to next meeting.

Dog Fouling: CW still to speak to the Base

Police meeting: AR attended this and reported that the 20mph speed restrictions are compulsory in the village. Other main issues raised were the problems with youth’s disorder and drinking in Cairneyhill.

Minutes from CCC meeting 7th July 2010 approved.

2. Treasurers Report:
SR outlined the expenditure for the Bygone Years exhibition, Gala and the current bank balance. Please see attached treasurers report.

3. Laser Printer: CCC owns a laser printer which is not currently used.

Action: discuss at next meeting what CCC should do with it.

4. Meeting with MP Thomas Docherty:
Attended by CW and AR, both found this a very useful and informative meeting. General discussions surrounding planning and training for Community councils.

5. Planning:
CW commented on the current plans for phase 1 of Central Road.
CW and SR will submit their own objections to aspects of the plans.
Ref: 10/02880/full.

6. Elections:

CW outlined the procedure and timetable of the election process.

Publication of notice- Displayed from 05/09/10.CW did apologise that it was due 03/09/10 however this had been overlooked due to the amount of work and preparation for the Bygone Years exhibition.
Completed nominations -16/9/10 by 4pm
Statement as to Persons nominated-21/09/10 by 4pm
Delivery of Notice of Withdrawal -24/09/10 by 4pm
Notices in case of uncontested or poll in contested election- 08/10/10
Polling- 14/10/10

7. Any other business:

LP mentioned that following the Bygone Exhibition, Pauline Randall had asked if the CCC would like assistance to set up a website to collate all the information from the exhibition as she had been very impressed with the exhibition.
Action: LP will invite Pauline to The Bygone Years meeting 13/09/10.

8. Close of meeting.
Next meeting to be arranged for after the elections. This will be publicised in the shop once the date is made.

Crombie Community Council
Meeting dates 2010/2011

Second Tuesday of each month

9th November 19:00 - 19:30 Social committee / 19:30 -21:00 Community Council


14th December 19:00 - 19:30 Social committee / 19:30 - 21:00 Community Council 


11th January 19:00 - 19:30 Social committee / 19:30 - 21:00 Community Council

8th February 19:00 - 19:30 Social committee / 19:30 – 21:00 Community Council 

8th March 19:30-21:00    Community Council AGM
All welcome.

Crombie Community Council
Crombie Community Centre
9th June 2010 19:30hrs

Present: Sheila Roxburgh (SR) – Treasurer, Caroline Welch (CW) – (Social Sub-Committee), Lorraine Petrie (LP)


Public Attendance:

Anne Robinson (AR)
Lindsey Fox (LF)
Andy Arkle (AA)
Anne Barclay (AB)
Jim Ewing (JE)
Neal Schifferius (NS)
Katherine Pearson (KP)
Neil Harrison (NH)
Tracy Jones (TJ)
Peter Shields (PS)

1. Welcome.

CW explained that there was currently only three members on the CCC and asked those present to consider joining the council under the “Casual vacancy” scheme. CCC can have eight elected members. CW explained that a lot of hard work had been done by CCC and it needed more members to carry this forward.

2. Minutes of the meeting 21st April 2010- The report from AR, which had been omitted from these minutes, has now been obtained and AR gave an outline of this report at the meeting.
Minutes of the meeting 31st May 2010-agreed by LP and seconded by SR.

3. Casual Vacancies-
Tracy Jones
Katherine Pearson

Office bearer positions filled-
Chairperson - Caroline Welch proposed KP seconded LP
Vice Chairperson - Lorraine Petrie proposed CW seconded SR
Secretary - Anne Barclay proposed CW seconded SR

4. Correspondance

CW outlined that from now on AB will give any correspondence relevant to CCC to the members and all other correspondence will be displayed at each meeting for the public to access.

5. Treasurers report

SR outlined that CCC are in the process of changing the bank details over from the previous Chairman and Secretary. She is waiting on the next bank statement and will apply for the Gala and Council grants shortly.

6. Social Committee
Gala- preparation is underway. Next Gala meeting 16th June 2010 19:00hrs
The Bygone Years- People are gathering relevant material and information.
There is an afternoon tea planned- 15th June 2010 mainly for elderly residents to share their memories of Crombie.
Next meeting Mon 21st June 19:00hrs.

7. Regeneration

CW explained that this would refer to Central Road and that any discussion on an expansion would be dealt with separately. CW would like monthly updates from the planning officer. NH asked about the progress of the regeneration in relation to phases 1, 2 and 3. CW stated there has been no written confirmation of these phases as yet.
CW asked for nominations for a person to liaise with the Planning Department and update the CCC. NH was co-opted on to take on this role.
TJ suggested a “Plant Sale” using the plants discarded by the previous residents of Central Road; these could be sold on a stall at the Gala. This was agreed.

Action CW will look in to having a meeting with the Fife Councillors and ask for an action plan from them on the regeneration

8. West Fife Plan

Discussion over the submission to Fife Council of the statement in support of the expansion. This indicated “that a large percentage of villagers were in favour of the expansion”. There appeared not to be any evidence supporting this statement at this time although this has been requested from the previous Secretary. In view of the CCC and the public’s opinion over the decision making process a letter will be sent to Fife Council highlighting the issues over this submission, AA offered to assist with this letter.
Planning meeting on West Fife plan 29th June. TJ interested in attending this meeting.
Discussed better ways of communicating with villagers. A newsletter seemed popular. CW wishes to have accurate information on current issues prior to issuing a newsletter.
Action CW will find out if this is a public meeting so that other CCC members could also attend. AB will send the letter to Fife Council.

9. Ongoing community issues-

BT phone box- CCC wishes the phone box to remain.
Action AB to send a letter to BT.

Equipment: SR has applied for equipment grants. CW proposed buying a Portable PA system at a cost of around £85.00. AB agreed and seconded by LP.
Dictaphone; KP will lend one to CCC to use prior to any decision being made to purchase one.

Transport Buses 71/76- Not clear where we are with this.
Action CW will find out more information on this.

Orchard Grove- access to 6 Ordinance Grove-Planning pending 16th June 2010.

Central Road-tidy up-
AR commented that children are playing in the gardens.TJ suggested asking the school to reinforce to the children the dangers of this in view of the summer holidays looming.
Action CW will write to Brian Hay, Chief Executive, Fife Housing, stating that people are unhappy with the situation and outlining our concerns.

10. Other business-

Trading Post building: Doors open.
Action CW will find out who owns the property regarding making the area secure.

Speeding in village- NH commented on the dangerous driving through Central Road.
Action AR attends the Community Police meetings, and will raise this issue.

11. Date of next meeting- 7th July 2010 19:30 hrs.

12. Closure of meeting.


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