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Blairhall Community Council

Minutes of Meeting

Held Tuesday 25th February, 2014.

Present: Marion McGaughay, Muriel Colver, Louise Cruickshank, Hilda Clark, Renee McLeod.

In Attendance: Cllr Stewart, John Penman

Apologies: Murray Baxter, Tommy Thomson

Marion McGaughay, Chairperson, opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

Matters Arising

Cllr Stewart had been in touch with Margot Almond, Fife Council Recycling Team, who had received correspondence from a resident of Rintoul Place regarding the lack of recycling facilities at Christmas.

Still difficulties regarding the location of recycling bins within the village. It was suggested negotiating with the new owner of the Leisure Centre for a new piece of land for this purpose.

Marion received two complaints regarding rubbish building up from upstairs flats in the village. Environmental Services contacted, rubbish has been cleared. Cllr Stewart suggested contacting the Housing Manager at Oakley, so perhaps a letter would be sent to residents. Marion to action.

Regarding the MUGA, lights now working, basketball hoops erected and is being well used. The final surface being laid once the frost risk has passed.

Work has now been completed on the new pavement on the B9037 linking South Avenue to the cycle path

Work has also been completed on the new boundary fence between Woodlands Terrace and Rintoul Avenue.

Fiona Sword, Dunfermline Advocacy, attending Community Council meeting in April

Police Report

P.S. Jillian Neill, the new Community sergeant, has contacted Muriel and will be coming to the community council meeting in March. Muriel had a list of the Police Station Public Counters in Fife with the opening hours.


Blairhall Blether Together

Marion reported the lunch club has been doing really well. A new lady arrived yesterday, resides in Bogside, but her daughter is bringing her to Blairhall.


The newsletter is progressing, John assisting with setting it up. Muriel suggested forming a sub-committee, also the cost of this project discussed.

Comrie Collier Opencast

Some houses in Blairhall still being affected by the blasting work being carried out at the opencast. The latest last Monday. Cllr Stewart suggested contacting Jim Birrell, Fife Council Planning.

Planning Issues

Regarding the proposed planning application to build houses at the south-east side of Blairhall, at the rear of South Avenue, L.R.D. held their consultation on 15th February, 2014, and ten people from Blairhall attended. The proposed number of houses to be built is seventy, include private and social housing. Proposed exit from this site would be via South Avenue, considering the volume of traffic already in that area this is one point of concern. There is already drainage problems in this area.

Treasurers Report

Received ‘thank you’ letter from the ‘Mothers and Toddlers’ Group


Invitation to attend Inverkeithing Civic Centre on Thursday, 13th March, 2014, 3.30/6.30pm, regarding locations being looked at for feasibility of siting wind turbines, Bings at Blairhall one of those proposed, also Valleyfield Woods.

Further to the proposed Wind Turbine at Loch Shaw Moss, it seems the company involved are now applying for permission to build a larger turbine.

Fife Council Trading Standards and Scottish Fire & Rescue Service are carrying out an electric blanket testing project, further information –


Received ‘Fife Elderly Forum Newsletter’ which includes information about ‘ Silver Line Scotland’ tel.no. 08004708090. This is a new charity to help link up the elderly with local services and help those who are victims of abuse or neglect.

Information from the Local Boundary Commission for Scotland regarding their review of local government electoral arrangements.

Fife Council are reviewing the byelaws prohibiting the consumption of alcohol in designated public places and are asking where appropriate signs should be placed/replaced in your area.


Hilda has been asked if ‘community notice boards’ could be placed at the top and bottom of the village as some people have complained they do not know what is going on in the village. Several suggestions discussed including the problem of vandalism, but the answer will be the ‘Newsletter’. (No pressure Louise !!!!!!!)

Further regarding a Play Park within Comrie Castle Estate, checking out who owns the land, checking planning permission and different avenues of funding.

Cllr Stewart spoke about the problems facing vulnerable people in the West Fife villages. With welfare reform ever thing has to be done ‘on line’, many people have to get access and assistance to operate computers. There are those who have to rely on ‘food banks’ but cannot afford the bus fare to the nearest which is in Dunfermline. Cllr Stewart is trying to put together a steering group of volunteers, to include churches, to try and address these problems.

Date of next meeting

A.G.M. Tuesday, 25th March, 2014, at 6.30 pm within Blairhall New Community

Dates of future

Tuesday, 22nd April, 2014

Tuesday, 20th May, 2014

Tuesday, 17th June, 2014

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